Miley Cyrus Joins Lolawolf On Her New Track “Teardrop”

We haven’t heard much from the “Wrecking Ball” artist, Miley Cyrus, in almost a year, but she is taking on a new sonic approach by joining indie band, Lolawolf, on their new track “Teardrop.”

The song was recently premiered on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show. It’s sweet, yet edgy. It croons indie vibes, but alien, weirdness that Cyrus has always inserted herself in. In this Lolawolf piece, we join her on an eerie indie journey, from minor key melodies and major harmonies and chord progressions, chants, echoes, and loops.



Half way through, the song gets a little louder and stronger as the vocalist of the band, Zoë Kravitz, takes on more force. There a multitude of layers of voice patterns and beats and rhythms. Cyrus particularly adds a very significant piece to the puzzle when she starts kind of rapping/speaking in the song. It makes the record trippy and elusive. The two singers compliment one another very well as these mystics of sound. It’s actually quite impressive. I like the fact that Cyrus has ventured into territory she hasn’t ever really messed with before, because it was a pleasant surprise to hear it work out so well for her.
Starting the recording process for their debut album in the Bahamas and officially recorded in LA, Lolawolf, which consists of Kravitz and Jimmy Giannopolous, are now back in the East Coast, New York, to present more of their music as well as perform at a lot of festivals.


Lowe asks them, after playing the song, about the new album that they are working on and what the record means to them and what is its inspiration. The band responds, “we’re trying to be as melodic as we can be, and then keep it as hard, you know as far as what we think is hard, you know to make this feel good.” 

You can listen to the track above now on Apple Music.

In addition, Cyrus and Lolawolf have worked together in the past on music such as the music video for “B*ch.” Lolawolf also appeared on Cyrus’ Bangerz tour at one point.


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