THEY. Get All In That Bump & Grind On Their New Track “Deep End”


That is the name of hip hop duo THEY. ‘s newest project to come! Last month, the LA-crew had released a single titled “Say When,” but now they come with an even better track this time around, “Deep End.”

THEY. , consisting of Dante & Drew, are the kind of rappers that sing as well as they can spit. So not only can they rap, but they can sing too, adding more dynamic character to their music. The beat is sick with the stops-start movement across the bass line, like gun-shots. The melody is simple, but the harmonies are complex. And the crooning “oh na, oh na na na” is a simple touch to make the song sing-along worthy. It even has brings us back to an old-school sound, where the R&B tunes kick in with the electric piano chords. The best part of the track though is that they use the samples is that they loop their own music along with theirs in this cycle of sounds that all flow together in the hustle of the lyrics. The song is funky, dope, heavy, and elegantly nasty. With hard-strummed guitar riffs and a railroad-track rhythms, the soft vocals reverb against the infectious bump & grind of noise. You can just picture how sick a music video to this piece would be.


According to Complexthis record was completely produced, mixed and mastered in the same place that Tupac used to live in. In a discussion with i-D, THEY. said, “we’ve always been huge Death Row fans, so when we got a chance to work in Tupac’s old room, it was only right that we channeled that energy into one of our best songs to date.” The boys also told the publication “it’s some trap R. Kelly shit.”

There’s no doubt that these two are going places in the hip hop world, as they have already been on a massive tour with the Trapsoul artist Bryson Tiller. That is where I first saw them live, and they were pretty dope on stage- a lot of energy and a lot of credibility. Their first ever EP Nü Religion kicked back in 2015, and just from that they gained so much attention. In addition to all of this, THEY. even collaborated with EDM superstars, ZHU and Skrillex, on “Working For It,” a trip-hop heavy tune with a very contagious tune to vibe to.


Nonetheless, we’re excited for what’s to come from the pair, as they prepare their debut album. You can listen to the track above and let us know what you think!

Further References: Complex


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