DJ Ansolo Strikes Again With Maxum For New Hit Single “Yin Yang”


Last week, actor and now EDM DJ, Ansel Elgort, also known as DJ Ansolo, released his first single on Soundcloud, but now he’s stepping up the game and releasing a lot more! Like this new track he released today with Maxum titled “Yin Yang”!

DJ Ansolo has been recognized for his critically acclaimed appearances in award winning novels turned-big films such as The Fault In Our Stars, Carrie, and Divergent. The young man has also been deemed GQ’s 2014 Men of the Year. At only age 22, DJ Ansolo has really been pushing himself as an artist both on the silver screen and on the stage behind the soundboard.


Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 5.56.30 PM.png

How has he been furthering his music, you ask? In this new single that released on July 25th on Sander Van Doorn’s label, DOORN Records (a sub-label of the renown Dutch heavy-weight label Spinnin Records), Ansolo teams up with Toronto-born, up-and-coming self-taught DJ, Maxum. Publication SoundandNoize have said that he is “best described as the city’s [Toronto’s] secret weapon.” He has been trying to find his sound and develop it as much as possible, which explains why the newcomer to the genre has so little product, but what he lacks in quantity, he makes up for in quality, because this producer has worked hard to make sure each piece is strong and unique. I think he meets the expectation. This 17-year old has made an epic plunge into the lively world of electronic dance music and with 5 years of experience under his belt, he plans to make it to the big leagues soon.

Maxum has done a lot too to make sure his name gets out there from radio presentations on his radio mix, Maxum Music Radio, to podcasts to remixes and live performances and more, he’s been able to be recognized by some of the EDM realm’s largest leaders, such as Steve Angello and Axwell /\ Ingrosso, as well as, had many opportunities for remixes for Grammy nominated artists like Galantis. He has also been recognized and featured by the music entity, Earmilk.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 5.57.20 PMThese two fired-up youngsters have performed at Ultra Music Festival, which is a huge honor in and of itself for those aspiring to enter into the electronic domain. The two may be different artists, but they both have something in common and that is that they like to inject a lot of energy into their music, that makes it upbeat and fist-pump worthy.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 5.57.50 PM.png

So, about this new track that the two released today called “Yin Yang;” it’s got a fun video-game like start that gets you amped up for the rest of the song that leads into a roller coaster of sound and risers and epic collisions of drops. The hype is real in this adventure of digital sonic creation. In parts of the track, we also feel the calming music that make it uplifting and motivational, perfect for the best summer pool party ever,  a fantastic fashion show event, the sickest night club, and the hardest workout. All of the makings of an intensive EDM bounce track. The song has already been making hits reaching the No. 1 spot in the top trending lists of the Spinnin Records charts! High praise! You can listen to this sweet and fresh new track now above. Don’t forget to let us know what you think!


And, who knows, with a little more exposure to this side of the music world, perhaps both of the guys may become EDM’s next A-listers!

Be sure to check out the boys on their socials and sites!





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