Dr. Dre Cuffed and Searched at Home After a Reported Road Rage Dispute

No diggity, Dre

Dr. Dre, one of hip hop’s biggest all-stars and producers was recently caught in some very messy legal situations today. According to certain sources like Pitchfork, Dre had been arrested for some strange encounter the artist had with another man on the topic of gun possession. As reported by Hypetrak, he was taken into custody by the Sheriff’s deputy outside of his Malibu home just earlier this day and was handcuffed and questioned.


What occurred exactly is still uncertain, but what TMZ sources reported was that this other character had been driving by the music entrepreneur’s estate and then decided to stop in front of it. Dre, upset and uncomfortable by this, asked him to leave, and though the individual listened, he had driven away swearing his mouth off at the rapper. The driver rode off, but the 2001 creator was more than a little unnerved by the situation and decided that he should pull out his own phone to record the occurrence as it was happening.

TMZ noted that the man had then said “here we go again another black guy with a gun,” as Dre was grabbing his phone, and soon after he called 911 to report that Dre had a gun! What?! Of course, officers that searched him did not find a gun, but even when they let him go, the anonymous character “insisted on making a citizen’s arrest.” A bit pushy, no? He actually took the time to fully report allegations against him.


Now, these supposed allegations for a “citizen’s arrest” must be sent to the District Attorney, and then further decisions will be made on Dr. Dre’s behalf.
What do you think of this incident? What would have brought this man to cause such terrible accusations and trouble? Was it for attention? Or was it true?

Further References: Pitchfork, Hypetrak, TMZ


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