Brazilian DJ, Olin Batista, Kicks It Back to Old-School French House With New Single “Amazon 63”


Introducing you to the EDM realms and back tracking to the sounds of the old-school French house days, is Brazilian DJ & producer Olin Batista.

Batista has been hard at work in the studio since his previous release “Luma,” which was released on Kryder’s Sosumi Records and became the most downloaded track within 48 hours with more than 11,000 downloads! No no, not plays, downloads! That’s insane, in just two days! In press talks, Batista had revealed that this song was dedicated to his mother, whom he is very close with, Luma De Oliveira. (You may know her name from her former career as a supermodel.)

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 7.50.12 PM.png

The artist has performed at countless events and has been gaining recognition as he meticulously works hard in the studio to produce his soundscapes. His music is characterized as being fun, dance-worthy, and electric. In his new track that he released today, “Amazon 63,” he takes you on an eccentric adventure. It’s a lively piece as it follows a pattern of hot rhythmic loops and adds sonic trills that run chills up and down your spine. The vocals vibe and the music thumps in your heart while the rest of the melody sways you back and forth into a trance of your own imagination. When you listen to his style, you feel as if you’ve traveled a long ways away from home to be in this new world that’s immersed in tribal sounds, chant-like intonations, exotic rhythms, and emphatic, moving musical compositions.

Batista is only 20 years old but his love for the genre truly started when he was much younger than that, where he was listening to and immersing himself in EDM. At age 13, the young producer decided to teach himself DJ-ing and slowly but surely he rose to the occasion, performing live at age 16 and traveling to different places in Brazil, to showcase his music. And at the mere age of 18, he had the honor of playing at LIVE and Story Miami, huge events for electronic dance music. So, it has really been all up hill for the composer of digital sound.


About two years ago, the DJ made the final decision to go global, and since then, that is where his foreign and fantastic beats have emerged from. His inspiration grew just from the incredible experiences he underwent and hopes to continue on. He has had numerous moments in his career to do impressive work such as remaking and remixing music by some of the biggest names in the industry such as Daft Punk’s “High Life.” Because of that one remix, he was able to gain recognition Robbie Rivera, A-Trak, Judge Jules,  Sander Van Doorn (of DOORN Records), W&W, Thomas Gold, and Kryder among many others.

So, here we are now, with the artist who just released this epic track “Amazon 63,” and that came out on Fedde Le Grand’s Flamingo Records today! Get ready for this groovy, soulful, and upbeat track that will certainly bring light and energy to your days this summer! Flamingo Records was even excited to show off this track; you can watch their teaser trailer for the song below:

Being quite the family man that he is, Batista dedicated this song to his dad who had won the Superboat World Championship back in the year 1990.  His boat was called the Spirit Of The Amazon and the number of the boat was 63, so hence the title. In this track, the music calls you, it moves you and get absorbs you. Its contagious rhythm and infectious dance takes you back to 80’s house when electronic music was loud, somewhat cliché, but always enticing. Each track used to construct the composition moves in a rippling or descending waterfall effect, building off of the other to emphasize its force within the song. It reminds me of a classic house anthem with minimalist riffs, and sounds that follow their own path, and tones that are in a frenzy but all manage to unify into one coherent tune. Snappy, sexy, and strong, the music exudes that euphoric feeling of bliss you get when you reach that ultimate moment of bliss.

The artist has also started his own podcast/broadcast series that you can subscribe to on iTunes entitled Spirit of Sound. Each month he uploads a new episode for you to enjoy the sounds of his work! Definitely be sure to check it out!


Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 7.42.03 PM

You can now stream the track above! Prepare yourself for the ultimate night club-banger that gets everyone moving to its sound!

Follow Olin Batista on his socials to get full updates on the artist and his music:



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And you can also follow Flamingo Records:




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