Sia Takes Drake “One Dance” For His Last Dance From Billboard Charts No. 1 Spot


Sia is living for the cheap thrills, and so are we.

Drake has been the reigning champion of the Billboard Hot 100 charts for 10 weeks now with his hit single “One Dance,” and his only competitors being Blink-182. Now, Sia has stepped up to the challenge valiantly taking the throne in the No. 1 spot with her own hit “Cheap Thrills.” You can watch the music video for it above.

You only get one dance Drake, now step aside for Sia. “Cheap Thrills,”  featuring rapper Sean Paul, comes off of her album This Is Acting, which released this past January. This would not only be Sia’s first No.1 song ever, but it would also be Paul’s first No. 1 single in a decade, reports Pitchfork. (It was also Paul’s first No. 1 in over a decade.) The pop artist, who released “Cheap Thrills” through RCA Records and Monkey Puzzle, couldn’t be more ecstatic to hear the news. As reported by Billboard, itself, “it holds at its No. 2 high on the Digital Songs sales chart, up by 34 percent to 122,000 downloads sold in the week ending July 21,” which is the song’s best weekly sales and makes Sia a top female leading act!


Noted by Howl and Echoes, the writer of Rihanna’s 2012 “Diamonds” is also the first female, over the age of 40, to hit a No. 1 chart topper since Madonna in 2000.

Howl and Echoes also revealed to us that she had shared a secret to Rolling Stone earlier in the year in an interview with them: the song was originally written for Rihanna, yet it was turned down. What?!

“Her manager said ‘We want Diamonds. We need soul. We want some music that has feeling.’ I went to Greg [Kurstin], and that’s what we came up with. I realized just as soon as I was cutting it that it sounded a little bit too Brit-pop for her. It’s more Icona Pop. We did actually send it to her, but they passed on it, and then I just couldn’t stop listening to it in the car,” Sia stated. She continued,“there’s something really uplifting about it that put me in a good mood, and I would just pretend it wasn’t me singing. It felt very summer and fun, and I was like, ‘I’ll put that on there.’”


She is not wrong! It is the ultimate summer jam of the year with the energy to dance and run under the sun with friends. She must definitely be happy now that Rihanna didn’t take the song, and that she had the chance to do it herself!

Congratulations, Sia! You deserve it!
Further References: Pitchfork, Howl and Echoes, Billboard


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