Vince Staples, James Blake, and Andre-3000 On Single For “War Ready”

Prima Donnas

Vince Staples had told us a while back that we would be expecting a new small project this year called Prima Donna, and now the wait should be over soon! Staples revealed to publication The Fader that he would be including some special featured artists such as James Blake, DJ Dahi, and a few others, which had us fans very excited for the EP.

Today, marks a day when some were able to get a little sneak peek into the artists’ mini album with this track titled “War Ready.” This debut includes a sampling of Andre 3000’s “ATLiens” verse from the old OutKast song and a fantastic instrumental produced by James Blake. The single was delivered to us in an episode of the American comedy series, Ballers.


Update: The clip has since been removed from Audiomack, but we should expect the song to drop some time in August, so stay tuned and keep your ears opened.

At the Glastonbury showcase event, James Blake and Vince Staples took the stage together, in an epic moment for music. Staples also was a part of a big single for the hip hop producer Clams Casino, on his track “All Nite.” Together, the two also created a wonderful music video to accompany the single. In addition, the 22-year old confirmed in an interview with Big Sean and Tim Westwood that the two rappers would be collaborating very soon.

What we should be expecting from the growing artist in the hip hop industry is a lot, and we know that he is planning to keep grinding and powering through to prove he has a place in this world. But does he care that he’s not there yet? No, because he knows he’ll be there eventually and he’s mainly focusing on what he wants to produce and how he wants to sound.

Further References: The Fader


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