The Guys Who Falsetto Playlist

You know that light vocal that just touches your eardrums and glides smoothly through your head at the perfect pitch and note, swooning you? Those are the guys who falsetto, and this is their playlist.

And this is the “Guys Who Falsetto” playlist.

Why do we love the sound of men who can hit the high octaves while singing? Well, why not? It’s impressive and seductive, it’s cool and unique, and it makes music that more dynamic. When we hear the voices of artists like Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, Miguel, Justin Timberlake, Jordan Fischer and so many more. All we can think is “Damn, that was good.” Why? Because they  are able to hit a vocal range that not many can. It’s almost dreamy and exciting when executed correctly. Sure, it’s a little effeminate, but it’s tough, and that’s what makes it so classy. R&B and pop are best known for the pitch & method, and it really is a key that can be played with either to smooth out and lighten the tone of a song, to mellow down and sadden the song, or to even emphasized and energize a song.


If vocal pitches could be a tool, falsetto’s would be a secret weapon. And of course, when artists first began doing it, it became such a high trend in the music industry. With that kind of note, a man is able to make his song have a harmony to its melody and is able to create a new atmosphere for his music.

The sounds are elusive, sultry, infectious, and sometimes even bold!

So sit back, enjoy the music of artists like the ones in the playlist above, crooning away, and get ready to vibe to some pretty high-pitched male voices, because these men are bringing sexy back.

For more awesome playlists each week, follow me on Spotify! And don’t forget to comment with song or playlist you’d want to hear next! 😉


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