Diplo and Skrillex Remix & Revive Jack Ü’s “Mind” In 6 New Epic Ways

Jack Ü, is that Ü?

The EDM producing super duo is back at it again. Finally, we get more of the unique electro-dance intensity that is the character Jack Ü, birthed by both Diplo and Skrillex.

In the near past, we saw a teaser of the two working on a joint-project with Florence and The Machine. Then Diplo and Skrillex officially made it known that they were joining forces again to create a remix masterpiece. It would be an album completely focused around their single  “Mind,” which featured the light, airy vocals of Kai. In this EP, both men will recreate 6 songs into their own sound. The Bieber Purpose producers will also include the musical talents of Malaa, Oshi, Wiwek, Ekali, Graves, Basecamp and more. Even if you’re not a dance music extraordinaire, we’ll let you know that these guys are some of the best in the business, so this is impressive! The two DJs’ hopes are to bring 6 original, fresh, and unprecedented perspectives to a hit of their past project. They are attempting to revivify and reanimate their own classic. They will also be pulling on board their own personal teams to help with the construction of the record including Diplo’s Mad Decent and Skrillex’s OWSLA. Can anyone say, Squad goals?! You can  now hear the music remixes in the link above.


Both have been insanely busy with other projects, but it is great that they could get back together and use their musical ingenuity to make sonic bliss. Diplo has been back with the Major Lazer team working on their new project Music Is The Mission while also hosting his Mad Decent Party festival. On Skrillex’s end, he has been collaborating with M.I.A. on her new project and with Rick Ross for the Suicide Squad soundtrack theme song “Purple Lamborghini.”

You must be asking, what are we expecting in these remixes? Well, there are some new trop-house, dancehall takes, then there are some Middle Eastern tunes, there are some funk vibes, and then there are more epic, trap sounds and many more styles. There’s no question that these two have an ear for all musical genres and know how to mess around with their soundboards to create perfect harmony.


We’ll leave it up to on how you feel about the novel remixes. What do you think? I never knew there were so many ways to hear this song!

Further References: Hypetrak


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