Girls Of The Desert: AlunaGeorge, Dreezy, Leikeli47 Collab For Dancehall Fun “Mean What I Mean” Video

Clear the way, because these ladies are about to be the hottest mirages you have ever seen in this hot, hot desert land.

These mob women take over the deserts of the abandoned Rock-a-Hoola Waterpark located in the Mojave Desert of California with their latest dancehall collaboration “Mean What I Mean.” With AlunaGeorge, Leikeli47, and Dreezy, they kill the summer jam game! I would be shocked if this song does not make it as a chart topper or at least an A-lister.

With the light, airy, beautiful alien-like voice of Aluna we blissfully follow her along on her mystical journey through the middle of nowhere. The song reminds me of her track “I’m In Control” which featured Popcaan. It’s trophouse and dance-pop charisma carries energy throughout the entirety of the composition and constantly keeps you moving. Dreezy’s rap is strong, bold, and gutty. She spits:

I touchdown, he think he in the endzone
Called him little bird and put him back up in the friendzone



And as for the New York-bred Leikeli47, she takes her verse with even more courseness and reconnects the rap to the vocals to give the smoothest of transitions in this fast-paced track.

With an extravagant wardrobe, synchronized dance moves, and killer confidence, you wish you could be like them. Not to mention, the fact that these girls look damn sexy as the bad a** rebellious women scouring the sand dunes with their force and power. They mean what they mean! AlunaGeorge, in particular, has such a presence and she has an innovative sound sonically. There is something mysterious and exciting about her; she’s a unique character to the music industry in the best kind of way. With her Charlie’s Angels squad, including the masked Leikeli47 and the epic Chicago née MC Dreezy, we get an epic choreographic and musical masterpiece. Not to mention, the cinematography for this visual is stunning as well: deep orange sunsets, decaying signs and buildings, fragments of neon colored water slide parts,  dark shadows and exposed lighting, and vivid angles!

The track comes off of the UK duo’s (AlunaGeorge) forthcoming album I Remember, which is due to drop on September 16th but can be pre-ordered now!


You can watch the music video above and blast this track at your next pool party or even in your room so that you may dance to your heart’s content! This will be the song of summer’s end!

In other news, we can also expect to see AlunaGeorge touring with both Miguel and Sia for Sia’s Nostalgic For The Present Tour. There is no doubt in my mind that it will be one of the most wickedly epic tours known to music history, with such a dynamic crew of artists!

Further References: Spin, Hypetrak, Pitchfork, HotNewHipHop, Stereogum


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