The Chainsmokers Make Anthem Of The Summer Ft. Halsey With Single “Closer”


Finding love in the summer…

In The Chainsmokers’ sensational single that released today, “Closer,” featuring the pop queen phenomenon Halsey, we are given hope in finding love. The Chainsmokers, consisting of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, got their start in the music production  world back in 2010 with their hit “#SELFIE,” and since then have taken the EDM world by storm. It is actually incredible how quickly these guys became members of the production and DJing big leagues, but we do not protest! What makes this powerful dance duo so memorable to listeners is their use of indie artists on their tracks, coupled with the complex and melodic instrumentals that they fabricate, thus making some of the best songs to soundtrack lives.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 5.19.47 PM.png
Cover Art

Back in 2015, they released their EP Bouquet, which carried the double-platinum track “Roses.” Now the two have traveled all over the world and have performed for countless festivals. Their single “Don’t Let Me Down,” featuring Daya, also hit platinum and topped the Billboard Dance Charts!

Now, I can not contain my excitement when I see how incredibly well these two are making it in the industry. I had the chance to photograph the two artists last year at the Billboard Hot 100 Festival at Nikon Theater on Jones Beach, Long Island, NY, and they were an absolute pleasure to meet. Hilarious and optimistic, both guys were just grateful to be where they are, doing the thing that they love most, and that is making music.


In this colorful and vibrant track that they dropped today, the powerhouse crew (including the Badlands rebel chick Halsey) create what should be the next anthem of the summer. “Closer” is more than just dance-worthy and light-hearted, but it is nostalgic with fanned out lustrous tunes. It is noisy in the right way, it is empowering, and it is bittersweet. At the moment, this song has been played on repeat all day long for me. Together, both Halsey and Drew leave their mark on our hearts, our minds, and our impressions of summer. Their voices collide and combine with ease as they strike against the backdrop of mid-tempoed synth progressions. And of course, the riser and snares take care of the drops and keep your body swaying to the sound waves that continue to perpetually move you. This song will make you wish for an endless summer.

You can now watch the touching lyric video above, and let’s hope this song makes it to the No. 1 spot on the radio stations!


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