Dillon Francis Displays A Sensual-Alien Dance For Music Video “Candy” ft. Snappy Jit

Unwrap that candy, baby

Moooooommmmm, Dillon Francis is getting weird, again. He just released his music video for his single “Candy” which features Snappy Jit, and let me tell you that the visual is as funky and eccentric as a candy shop would be. In this dark-hued exposé, Francis has two individuals, a man and a woman (but really you can’t tell the difference all that much), basically perform a mating ritual of sorts. The dancers adorn bedazzled gems on their faces, use zombie-eye contacts, and wear ragged clothing as they move in an alien and robotic like form and get down dirty all over each other. The video is extremely unearthly, and yet so amusing. It kind of reminds you of the South African duo, Die Antwoord.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 11.04.56 AM

Earlier in the month, the EDM producer of heavy hi-hats, striking snares and intensive drops came up with a remix for Phantoms’ “Call My Name,”  that was really well made, mixing & mastering wise. Now, for this Mister Whitmore directed clip, Francis brings a new art form to the table. In a YouTube caption, Dillon Francis posted his own thoughts on the video:

“This video for Candy is very special to me because I don’t usually make ‘dance’ music videos. I had a ton of funny story line style ideas but it just didn’t feel like the right place for this song. With this song I felt like it NEEDED to be a dance video. Mister Whitmore (the director) and I talked for a couple days and set out to make exactly that…From the styling, to the dancing, and look and feel we nailed it and I hope you love it.”


Well, we definitely think it’s sick, but it’s extremely creepy too. The track itself, “Candy,” was released in June. And before that, Francis had been not only remixing a ton, and coming up with his own viral TV series titled DJ Worldbut he also made the hit single “Coming Over” as a joint-project with fellow dance-music producer Kygo!

You can watch the video above now for the insanity that is Francis’ mind and let us know in the comments below what you think of it?


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