Jo Jo and Wiz Khalifa Own Music Video For “F*ck Apologies”

Damn Jo Jo.

Jo Jo and Wiz Khalifa play hard to get back in this new single “F*ck Apologies” along with a wicked music video. The simple guitar plucks at the beginning and at the end of the song really book end and mirror the track well. Just those sounds alone are emphatic enough to carry throughout the record while Jo Jo takes the lead with her belting vocals and sexy physique. They now have released their music video to accompany the feel good rant song of getting back at those who are ungrateful.

The pop is that forceful grind sound that always remind us of Jo Jo in the first place and shows how the songstress grew up from her childhood acting days to the sexy R&B/pop artist she is now. In shiny, sequenced body con dresses, the goddess of vocal riffs skinny dips intp pools, shouts on top of city rooftops, scours through highway tunnels in the dark, and makes-out in blurry night clubs.

Photo of Jojo in regards to her first album release in 10 years 7/28/16 Brooke Nipar

Not only is the song strong, but the cinematography is also stunning, the lighting vivid, the colors high definition and the sound quality on point.

The message overall is, well, f*ck off, because you don’t really mean it or won’t take it. It’s an empowerment song as Jo Jo sings, “F*ck apologies / I would say I’m sorry if I really meant it / I’m not perfect, I got pride.”

Soon after Khalifa slips into his part, spitting:

“Okay, uh, no apologizing
Ain’t no way to take the things you did back or disguise it
Always wonder what I’m doing but that’s TMI
Don’t know what you got until it’s gone, now you realize it
When I wasn’t playing smart now I’m being wise
Finally I’m moving on and I don’t need your lies
And it wasn’t even tough cause I can see the signs
Now you’re stuck, call an Uber up if you need a ride”


It’s good to see Jo Jo back in the music flow and to see Wiz Khalifa getting his flex on.

Watch the music video above now!


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