Kanye West + Balmain Come Together For The Captivating “Wolves” Music Video


Just a few days ago, the Chicago hip hop artist Kanye West became the leading man of the fashion icon Balmain’s campaign. Just today, he released his collaborative project with the clothing industry for not only his music video for his single “Wolves,” but for also their debut of the Fall/Winter 2016 collection.

In this 7 minute long vignette, we are given one of the most stunning visuals of  “music meets fashion” ever. The black and white layer surrounding the scenes in the video add that eerie, ominous, mystical and most of all, sultry and mysterious aura to the sonically painted images of high couture. The entire exposé reminds me of something that would emerge from a darkened Wonderland or even better, Alexander McQueen’s thoughts resuscitated and brought back to life.


Originally, this clip was only released as a part of a preview for The Life Of Pablo, West’s latest studio album release that hit like wonders.  However, in this final cut of “Wolves” he has changed it a bit (like he has done throughout the entire process of his project). In this edition of the song, we get features from other star artists such as Vic Mensa, Sia, Cashmere Cat, Mike Dean, and of course, a variety of others. The artists and characters are shadowed and exposed. We are taken into the depths of forests to find ourselves amongst a squad of stoic models in exquisite pieces of garments, walking down a runway, dancing in a trance, and moving with no direction. Then we are presented flashes of blurry images of aces, bodies, celebrities while West, in a shimmering jacket of studs and gems, lets tears as black dark as tar stream down his face Mensa cowering in the corner of a darkened room, shirtless. The bewigged Sia sings beneath her hair strands in solitude.


“If your mama found out / how you turned out / you too wild / too wild” sings the G.O.O.D Music mogul through autotuned matrices of sound.

He then raps to the crowd of mannequins as if arousing them for a kind of battle, and then once again, we are welcomed by the light “Ooos” of a female voice that sound like the whimpers of wolves.

A way to describe this masterpiece in one word? Luxurious. This is The College Dropout‘s form of gold. We are granted and presented this luxury thanks to the French fashionista, Olivier Rousteing and creative director Pascal Dangin. In addition, of course we must expect his own family to be a part of the fabrication, and that includes both Kylie Jenner and his wife Kim Kardashian-West.

You can now partake in an elusive and high end viewing session for the video above and let us know what you thought of the wild, fantastical world of West.

Further References: Hypetrak


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