Vic Mensa Makes An Alteration To Album To Make It More “Autobiographical”

We’ve been hearing a lot about Vic Mensa lately.

The artist has really made it his job to insert his voice in many political and social issues today, and because of that, he has been gaining a lot of attention. He recently went on air with Sway in the Morning for an AllHipHop interview, and from there, we got a few questions answered about the artist and his mindset behind his music. Mensa apparently made the decision to stop working on, what was to be his upcoming album Traffic, and his now rerouting his track to touch upon the topics that really mean the most to him.


The There’s A Lot Going On creator decided to make a project that had a more personal touch in the most factual and emotional kind of way. “The things I’m doing are very autobiographical. There’s a lot of narratives, a lot of stories,” says the Chicago rapper. He continued  explaining, “I made an album and then I didn’t feel like it was the right representation. So I started making a new album. That’s where the songs from There’s A Lot Going On came out of. I would say it’s about 75% done.”

Power to my people in Baton Rouge. How many more murals will we be?

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The man works quickly! During his interview, he also noted that he would be making a few new music videos, including one that would be for his He also announced that he’s working on a video for his moving and emphatic track “16 Shots.”

Mensa has been several times on Sway In The Morning professing his anger at the authorities, at the people, and at the world for their incompetence and lack of compassion via his freestyles. In those clips, he has truly demonstrated his skill as a rapper and as an activist, and all we can hope is that his words are heard. Even for the Nightclub Pulse Incident, he wrote and produced a track titled “Free Love,” that was beautifully constructed.

We wonder what the revolutionary will have in store for us in this new album that has grasped his attention, so stay tuned to find out when it will be ready!

You can also watch the music video below for his title track “There’s A Lot Going On.”


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