French Montana Releases Music Video For “No Shopping” With Drake

El Draké and French Montaña ft. thick mustaches.

On Friday night, we got a little surprise from Drake and French Montana on MTV. In this visual exposé, directed by Spiff TV,  the much anticipated “No Shopping” lets us join El Coke Boys Clasico, aka French Montana and Drake for their luxurious getaway in the Dominican Republic. The men host a golf tournament and then, of course, find themselves at a hoppin’ pool party adorned with big bling, hot chicks, and sexy drinks. The video is amusing and even pretty funny at times as we listen to flow of rap lyrics being spat as fast as they are downing their drinks.


What is interesting about this track in particular is the trouble emerged from it. Complex recalled that “No Shopping” became a part of a strange and unprecedented feud between the VIEWS artist and Joe Budden. Though we have been hearing a lot about the Budden dilemma from disses to call-outs to just inappropriate remarks in general, Budden released his own project of “diss tracks” against a small snippet of the music video that Montana premiered accidentally with Drake dropping a line from Budden’s own song “Pump It Up.” As the rest of the song was finally revealed, Complex also noted that fans, listeners, and Budden realized that the “Child’s Play” singer was indeed taking some low blows at Budden, and so came another barrage of angry remarks and music from the rapper via interviews and podcasts. The most peculiar of all of this is that Drake has remained mute in all of this mess. What happened, bro?


This new track is planned to be a part of French’s forthcoming project MC4, which is going to be released on Aug. 19th.

You can watch the full music video above now and cha cha dance with these boys, smoking a few Caribbean cigars along the way.

Further References: Pitchfork


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