YG Titles Macklemore & G-Eazy “Two Biggest White Rappers In The Game”

This is how FDT happened…

YG got down to business and explained how the remix of the single “FDT (F*ck Donald Trump)” was created. During an interview with the publication segment i-D/VICE, the Still Brazy artist got real about his battle cry against the presidential candidate, Donald Trump. All of this would lead to his explanation as to why he claims certain people as some of the biggest rappers in the game.

“It’s like, wake up, America,” he says. “Motherf*ckers are talking about drugs and parties and guns and sh*t. But they gotta know there’s more sh*t going on. We gotta say something, cause if not, it’s like we’re out here standing for nothing, like we ain’t got no morals. That ain’t what it is. That ain’t me.” says the revolutionary. It’s interesting to see and hear so many artists taking on a political side to their music and to their mindsets. YG clearly says this with a lot of emphasis and urgency.


He continues, “as people, we can come together and we can protest, but honestly, that shit probably ain’t going to change. We’ve gotta figure out who’s behind the scenes, who will lead the people, and how we’re going to get to them. Black people are painted as beefing with each other and killing each other, and that’s why I think [police and politicians] think they can get away with so much shit — cause we do fucked up shit to our own kind. So when we come together in protest, that really means something. It’s powerful. But, is that really going to make a difference with what’s going on? I don’t know, and that’s the truth. But it’s a start.”

I couldn’t agree more with the artist. There needs to be a lot more done in order to actually make an impact for change. He goes on to discuss the construction process of the “FDT” remix made by both G-Eazy and Macklemore, stating:

“They’re the two biggest white rappers in the game! I’m like, if I get two of the biggest white rap dudes in the game on this “Fuck Donald Trump” record, that shit is gonna mean something. Before Macklemore was on “Part 2” he said like, “Good shit bro, that shit was needed,” about the first song. So I was like, “Bro, you support Trump?” and he was like “Fuck no!” I’m like, “Well look, I’m doing this remix and I want you to hop on it. It’s actually with G-Eazy.” And he was like, “I got you, send that shit.” That’s just the rap community. Everybody know that’s where this rap shit started from: talking about problems and what’s going on in inner city communities.”


So there you go! That’s how the song came about. A rap community of motivators and believers is all it takes to at least move those of the hip hop scene to see a better world. With big name influencers like these guys, maybe people will agree to not vote for a horrid human being to run our homeland. And to call G-Eazy and Macklemore some of the “biggest” in the game is pretty impressive. They should definitely be honored!
YG is not just the “Don’t Tell ‘Em” rapper, but he is also the activist who does say it like it is, who does tell ’em. He let fans know that there are a”Part 3″ or even a “Part 4” of “FDT” in the works! He also mentioned that he would be working with Drake to complete their music video for their joint-track “Why You Always Hatin?”

And lastly, if you wanted to know more about the rapper and some of his contributions to the societal struggles today, the Compton artist has been taking his advocacy to Twitter where he has trending inspiring posts about the Black Lives Matter movement and trying to support certain local politicians of the Compton area whom he wishes to lead his city. In addition to all of this VICE also let us know that he’s even established a non-profit organization that is completely devoted to helping empower any of the deprived and impoverished youth of Compton’s city streets. Truly a hero, well done, YG.

You can listen to “FDT Part 2” below now!

And check out the rest of his interview here!

Further References: Hypetrak, i-D/VICE


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