Rihanna Shows Love In Paris In New Music Video “Goodnight Gotham”

Even the shortest get big attention.


Goodnight Paris

Rihanna just revealed a new vignette that will both warm your heart and show you the the appreciative side of the artist. This piece illustrates her single “Goodnight Gotham,” into a short 1 minute long clip (which actually fits the short record), which comes off of her hit album ANTI, which is one of three bonus tracks included in the deluxe edition of the project.


In the video, the Caribbean queen rolls into the square right in front of the Eiffel tower in Paris. She then gets out of the limousine, with her big luxurious jacket on and some gorgeous bling adorning her, and breaks into a run. Where is she running to? Well, she’s headed straight into the massive wall of fans that are screaming at the top of their lungs for her and who also start running towards her. Mid-saunter, Rihanna takes off her jacket to reveal a fashionable Ghostbusters-esque jumpsuit which will be helpful for what happens next. With smiles on everyones’ faces, the “This Is What You Came For” starlet jumps into the arms of one fan as they all collide into her and form a large blob of Ri Ri love. After the long embrace, she is perched on top of peoples’ shoulders and carried around for love, selfies, and appreciation from both fans and paparazzi.


You can now see the episode unwind for yourself in the video above of how the R&B/pop goddess stole hearts in the city of love.

The alien-princess that is Rihanna has demonstrated some of the most memorable music and moments in music history, and I know that she has so much more to show. There was a time where I had lost interest in the artist, but now, I have discovered a new found adoration for her. She is mysterious and exquisite and overall charming; a star in its fullest meaning. I wonder what will be next for this “Diamonds” singer as she continues to shine over her highly successful career.


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