Frank Ocean Mysteriously Updates Website for Live Streaming New Music

Boys may not cry, Frank Ocean, but girls do, and right now, I am sobbing!

It’s August and we are still missing a beloved and sacred Ocean album that was supposed to drop this month, according to his magical site update at least. July is a thing of the past, and that stamp card you posted can cross off that date, because like many other times that you have done, you have broken our hopeful hearts again. Fans have been perpetually questioning “When will we ever hear his debut album,” Boys Don’t Cry?


Strangely enough, the website re-updated earlier today when fans were just about to give up hope on the “Bad Religion” artist. According to his site and Pitchfork, Ocean apparently launched an entire video live stream, hosted by Apple Music, on his website of previews for his project. This could mean we are inching closer to the actual compilation and witnessing its reveal!

So far, the only hints from the enigmatic musician that we have received are these site updates, two features: one with Kanye West for The Life of Pablo and another with the production of James Blake’s The Colour In Everything, and a Calvin Klein commercial. Hmm… K. But none of your stuff still, Frank.


In this live stream, we hear a bit of white noise as the backdrop to an image of workbenches in an empty room. We can hear the eerie sounds of conversations whispering in the background, but are too hard to make out. Some of the details on the site have been revamped by Kanye’s web designer David Baker, but now that has been taken down. According to Pitchfork, around 9 a.m., the platform had a change of scenery and a change in music. With a new sound, a worker is found slicing wood into pieces with machine-run saws as the music becomes more emphatic and Explosions In The Sky-like. Pitchfork described it as “ambient and orchestral.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 6.16.44 PM.png

Around 3:33 p.m. EST there was a huge boombox created by the artist Tom Sachs. Sachs told The Fader once, “I speak for all mankind when I say I can’t wait to see what’s to come.” Ocean has certainly been more active on his site than he has been with his music, huh?

By now, it seems the later date to drop mentioned before all of this is the route Ocean will be taking, sometime this November. You can check out the site here to see if any more mysteries unfold before us as we patiently wait for the Ocean project to come to fruition. Don’t lose faith yet!


UPDATE [6:02 PM]: Now, there is completely nothing happening on his site except for the “date due” slip image, the cover art for the album, and Apple Music Video Live Stream. All we can hear in the video now, along with the black and white image of the saw table, is a fuzzy, static tone (that really sound like ocean waves) and perhaps people moving around in the background, and the occasional ring of metal slicing. 

Further References: Pitchfork


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