Action Bronson, Mark Ronson, and The Black Keys Flex Single “Standing In The Rain”

You can see me on the Riviera dressed like a playboy…

Here is one of the strangest, yet most interesting cocktails of sound I would think to put together; and best of all, it works! Here is a cool trio of unforeseen talent, where rap, pop, and rock come together! The “Baby Blue” rapper Action Bronson, the “Uptown Funk” artist Mark Ronson, and “The Lonely Boy” lead singer Dan Auerbach of rock band The Black Keys, all flex together in this soulful track “Standing In The Rain.” The single will be found off of the soundtrack for the upcoming film Suicide Squad (which released this Friday!).

Just like a classic Black Keys’ song, it’s got that rock frisky sway to it. Like every Bronson track, we get his whiny, heavy, and course rap fire. And like any Ronson production, we get the swing of Ronson’s classy pop side. You can listen to the song above!


Today, Zane Lowe premiered the single for all of us to hear on his Beats 1 Radio show (clearly he’s hogging all of the Suicide Squad tracks), and right after, he had the chance to interview Ronson. As found out by Lowe in the interview, this is both Bronson and Ronson’s third time collaborating together, their past work being “Brand New Car” and “Baby Blue.” This novel take on a classic song is a wonderful revamp of the ’70s band The James Gang’s track “Standing in the Rain.” With a modern twist and an edgier aura, Lowe posed questions to Ronson on how this hook up started and how it came to be a part of the infamous film soundtrack. Ronson was both excited and suave about the whole process, and he explained his work with Bronson. “I love the way Bronson sounds when he sings, which we actually kind of discovered when we came out with the “Baby Blue” hook to be honest,” says the pop producer. He continues, “And so, he’s always singing little Bill Joel melodies or old songs from the 80’s and he was singing that in the studio one time and I was like ‘we should do something with that.'” And the rest was exclusive sonic history.


One by one, we’ve been getting hit by some of the best songs to release this summer thanks to the soundtrack of this highly anticipated motion picture. Not one track has really been bad at all, from the star-studded “Sucker For Pain” to the theme-song “Purple Lamborghini” to the haunting “Heathens” to Kehlani’s recent killer release and World Record track “Gangsta'” and more, this soundtrack is raising the bar for cinematic musical productions when it comes to this industry.



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