Vic Mensa Releases Two New Power-Packed Singles

We’ve been hearing a lot of Vic Mensa lately, and that’s definitely not a complaint.

This Roc Nation rapper isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind, and today he shared with us two new songs in preparation of his forthcoming debut album. At Lollapalooza this year, the “There’s A Lot Going On” artist performed an Earth-shattering set filled with rage against politics and more. With the crowd before him, he thought it would be no better day than to debut his two new singles. One is said to be on his to-be LP.

Mensa speaks to the audience first, introducing the track by stoically saying “I’m gonna tell you the story about killing Cam, haha, that’s crazy” and then enters in the sounds of sinister choir-like vocals. He begins to rap over a heavy-hitting bass beat as he tells the history of a young boy murdered, and then returns the creepy chorus ominously singing like a broken angel “this could be heavenly / here I am.”


In his second track, the song begins with some tropical whistle tunes and then enters right back into that course bass drop that vibrates thumps against chests and vibrates through your veins. With emphasis, Mensa takes the mic and starts spitting fire.


From being extremely adamant and vocal about the recent police shootings and the global terrorism, to producing revolutionary new singles such as “Free Love,” to performing hot freestyles frequently, to being a clothing ambassador, to featuring on other tracks, and to appearing on Kanye West’s newest version of his song off The Life of Pablo “Wolves” and its accompanying video, Mensa has literally been everywhere leaving his Mensa marks behind and keeping him in the forefront of our minds. He even made the rapid alteration to his upcoming album from Traffic to something more “autobiographical.”

He’s got a lot to say and a lot to show, and I think this has been an extremely critical year for the “No Chill” rapper and his art.

You can watch the footage below to watch Mensa perform these two new singles LIVE at Lollapalooza below:

Further References: Hypetrak


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