ZHU Debuts Wonderland of an Album ‘Generationwhy’

This generation of ZHU’s music is fantastic.

Who is ZHU? That’s a question that has been on everyone’s mind since the release of his debut Generationwhy that released two days ago. The Californian DJ/producer is best known for his radio hit tracks “Faded” and “Automatic.” He has worked with artists such as Gallant, A-Trak, AlunaGeorge, Kaskade and more. For this recent album, he features both hip hop duo They. and the OWSLA founder Skrillex on his track, “Working For It.” The whole project though is something incredibly well-engineered and designed to fit the perfect mold between electronic dance music and ambient lounge sound. ZHU produces music that can simultaneously be erotic and mysterious, the perfect combination for the imaginary vixens of the night. His records are quite dreamy, and if you closed your eyes and just laid back to let these sonic compositions embrace you, you’d feel nothing but tingling vibes of good moods and good feels.


What is so fascinating about ZHU’s work is that it takes dance music to a whole different dimension, and because of that ZHU’s fame increased along with his skill. And it all started with a few fantastic remixes he constructed and put up on SoundCloud that caught a fan wave. He is now growing to be, as YourEDM described ” a household name in the global music circuit,” all in just a matter of two years! That’s incredible. ZHU being a vocalist himself brings a lot of power to his album that boasts smoky-saxophone jazz tunes, synth-heavy dance beats, reggaeton vibrations, pop/indie tunes, and R&B/hip hop methods. It’s very rare for a DJ/producer to sing on their own instrumentals which is impressive when someone like ZHU does do that and executes it well.


The artist recently made a record deal with Columbia Records which he is very excited about. In an interview with The Fader, ZHU explained “my concept for this record was to bring people towards a feeling of rebirth.” Which he correctly defines. The music is all so refreshing as with each track you immerse and lull yourself further into various sounds and multitudes of sonic images in your mind. “My intention was to bring the listener on a journey and back to a youthful innocence.” With his single “Hometown Girl,” we most definitely get that nostalgic throwback kid inside each of us, just remembering of love that could have been. And of course, there is then his hit title track “Generationwhy” which is a fun, falsetto paved single of light twinkling tunes and tones with a simple beat and a catchy rhythm. The sounds kind of remind you of an oldies track combined with that of the indie band Empire of the Sun, bright and chill, vibrant and soothing.

This mysterious man of deep house has captivated the dance souls of many as he remains the wizard behind the curtain, but his music the best representation of his character. The overall 14-track project of vivid soundscapes flow with you on the dancefloor as you ooze every emotion stirring within you and let it all go.

You can now listen to the album in its wonderful entirety below.

Further References: Hypetrak, The Fader, YourEDM


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