Anevo Shows Off New Electronic-Pop Single “Don’t Shoot Me Down” ft. Jae-Mi

Electronic Youngblood.

Meet electronic DJ and melody fabricator, Anevo. Who is this young-blooded character entering the music scene?  The Swedish born sonic producer came into the EDM world  with his innate talents for recognizing tunes and festival-sounding compositions. Anevo’s biggest break came after he had released his single “Koopa,” almost instantly taking over the electronic-dance airwaves by storm. This first record demonstrated his ability to produce tracks that were made for the EDM performance atmosphere. Extremely well-received by many, he used all of his hard work and material to land him a huge label signage with the Canadian electronic-house label of both Marshmello and Krewella, Monstercat, who happened to release his “Electric Heart.”


Now, with his new release, which dropped 2 days ago, “Don’t Shoot Me Down,” Anevo gives us a silky soundscape with the collaborative and forceful vocals of Jae-Mi. These two met coincidentally in Los Angeles, and together they were able to come up with the perfect festival-track to pave the summer. The song is soulful, yet with a little reservations keeping it from being overbearing. With the instrumental beneath the leading vocalist, we catch the little intricacies that Anevo employs to compliment each nook and cranny within the music. Jae-Mi gives a lot of power to the single as well!

The artist is now on his way to going on many festival tours and is extremely excited to bring his work to life on the stage and into the dance-hearts of many club-goers and free spirits!

Anevo - Don't Shoot Me Down (feat. Jae Mi) (Art)

You can now listen to the song above to hear the incredible productions that these young man can manufacture out of sound and don’t forget to let us know what you think of it!

You can also check out the song out on  iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloudYouTube, Spotify, and Bandcamp

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