Miguel In NPR Documentary ‘Noteworthy’ & New Single “Cadillac” For ‘Suicide Squad’


Classy AF

Just yesterday, NPR announced that they have been in the works of creating a new documentary series on their channel that would be entitled Noteworthy. To kick start the episodes, NPR has voted to go a musical angle first and to star as the focus character will be the falsetto king himself, Miguel. The R&B artist goes into his own history in the video above, discussing his home life and growing up, as well as his sensational music. Miguel also lets viewers in on his latest song “Come Through and Chill.” The “How Many” advocate goes into his thoughts about positivity, In this stunningly captured visual of the artist, we really get an insider’s look into the world of the vibrant, seductive, and patterned character that is Miguel.


This LA-native is not just all R&B artist though, he’s also been recognized for bringing the illusion of funk, hip hop, pop, indie, soul, jazz, and electronic vibes in his music. Truly a diverse character, he ranges on relatable and moving topics in his music such as identity, gender, sex, emotion and politics. The Grammy winning icon idolizes other icons in his dojo which shows his caring, humbled, and appreciative side. We go into the studio with him and reporter Jason King to learn more about his creative process and the creation of even his hit single “Adorn.” You can watch the documentary above!

Today, the 30-year old dropped a newer, shinier track on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show titled “Cadillac.” Once again, this is a song that will appear on the soundtrack of the infamous super-villain/hero film Suicide Squad (which hits theatres tomorrow!). Zane Lowe has also revealed other Suicide Squad pieces from artists such as, Kehlani, Rick Ross & Skrillex, Twenty One Pilots, Lil Wayne, Logic, Imagine Dragons, X Ambassadors, Action Bronson, Dan Auerbach, Mark Ronson, and Grimes.


In this record, “Cadillac,” the king of sexy rhythms and the god of eroticism takes a step back from his usual slow tunes, and instead he embodies this mid-tempo paced song of enchanting charm and liveliness. The track is a funk tune with sassy saxophones and Miguel’s soulful crooning vocals. It’s wavy to say the least and it makes you feel super classy as you drive around in your imaginary lux-mobile. This song is a lot like a Bruno Mars melody & composition, yet it is smoother and cooler sounding, and of course, adds another banger to the stellar soundtrack of Suicide Squad.

You can stream the track below now!



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