Tove Lo Is The “Cool Girl” With This New Single & Mantra


Too cool

Pop’s dopest chic, Tove Lo, has dropped a new single that has everyone raving, including alternative-pop star Lorde. The femme fatale has taken control of the airwaves with her electronic-pop groove and last night she just decided to nonchalantly drop this killer new track.

With an R&B twist & turn, a typical trippy character the Swedish singer-songwriter is known for, and a liberating anthemic beat, we get a solid summer record made for only the most groovy, trendy, and hip.


Lorde called it first! Via Twitter she said herself that “Tove Lo is casually about to drop the pop song of the summer” in response to Lo’s 8-second preview tweet. Is this single the makings of a “pop song of the summer”? Listen to the track above!


Lo has been a flame in the world of music with such hits as her single “Habits” that ruled the radio stations, her exciting album Queen of the Clouds, and her countless collaborations and features, including, but not limited to, “Close” with Nick Jonas, she has been a powerhouse. After two years of waiting, we received some epic news from the female rebel last month, that there will be a second album, and it’s on its way soon! Nylon confirmed that the artist admitted that the new project would have “a dark techno vibe.” This flawless indie-electro-pop designer has finally come back, and with this new single, we can already predict we are in for a treat. The sophomore debut it yet to be named, but I guess good things come to those who wait.


Back in July, the artist gave us a few elusive hints that she was working on this new project when she posted two photos on Instagram that seemed to come from music videos. So, looks like we’ll also be expecting some visuals in the coming months.

Lo sings, “No, let’s not put a label on it / Let’s keep it fun.” Steamy! I think that this “Cool Girl” is a huge competitor in the midst of music today because she brings a kind of innocent edge to music that isn’t flaunted around a lot since people like Madonna and Gwen Stefani.   And every single song is just so damn sexy as she proudly asserts that it’s way more interesting to be single and free then to be stuck in one place. She’s too cool for that. Guess brunettes can have fun too!

Be sure to give this track a listen (or 2 or on repeat) and stay tuned for when we find out when this highly-anticipated album will drop! You can also listen to the track on Spotify!

Further References: Nylon


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