Frank Ocean Now Accompanied By 21 Tracks of Instrumentals As We Wait

Now what is he doing?

Just at the the start of August, everyone was losing hope in their Channel Orange artist, Frank Ocean, as he had promised his admirers a full-length album. However, that’s not what we got. Instead we received a strange update on his website, again, with an Apple Live video stream- all in black & white- completely focused on a saw machine and table. A few saw sounds here, chatter over there, and endless video static, is all that we were given in these past few days of waiting. After hours of carefully watching the video, hoping something would occur, the elusive Oz himself, Ocean, stepped into the screen view of the abandoned warehouse to display the character working on his own little project at the table with multiple tracks of beautifully strung instrumentals creating the white noise in the background.


Someone was just as excited as we were to hear something at all, and so he/she decided to accumulate all of the tracks playing in the live stream and put them up onto the music streaming platform, SoundCloud for all to hear. It is overall 21 instrumental pieces and each may remind you of a softer, simpler version of compositions by the post-modern orchestral band Explosions In The Sky. You can listen to the tracks above.

Whatever Ocean, our “Pink Matter” man is up to, it’s definitely keeping us on our toes, irritated, and ultimately confused. What do you think Ocean is making? Today is Friday, do you think it will actually happen? Will he drop the album that has been awaited for, for so long?

Let us know what you think!

Ocean has been working on a multitude of projects on the side while constructing his own piece, and though it angered fans only because it stalled him more, he did do some amazing work with James Blake on his debut album The Colour in Everything, Kanye West’s single featuring Young Thug off his album The Life of Pablo, and Calvin Klein’s recent “#mycalvins” campaign where he models for them.


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