Rick Ross & Skrillex Take Us On An Epically Wicked Ride In “Purple Lamborghini” Music Video

Let’s take a spin

It is here! The official music video for the ultimate hype song of the year- hands down! Rick Ross and Skrillex, two powerhouses of their genres, have teamed up on this epically wicked track “Purple Lamborghini” made especially to be the theme song of the long-awaited film (that hit theatres today), Suicide Squad.

Hold tight because this music video takes hype to a whole new level. I mean it. With fancy cars, sexy strippers, booze, night clubs, money, and of course The Joker, the boys will take you on a sinister ride of sin through Miami for the night.


Blending hard core rap with heavy EDM, this track is the best action track to take on the silver screen! If Ross in an all white suit, spitting flaming rap verses, isn’t already scary enough, in comes The Joker (played by Jared Leto) with the most menacing  smile and character in the music video. Of course there’s Skrillex too, who drives the notorious Lamborghini through the streets of Miami.


And… We get the incredible soundtrack to the movie today too! FINALLY! The king of EDM and the king of the rap MC world terrorize and excite you for the ultimate motion picture thriller.

You can watch the video above and let us know if you’re hyped for the movie!


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