The Roots Have A Stellar Song “Bittersweet” For Stella Artois


Back to The Roots

At last, we hear back from The Roots. The orchestral band have returned to us with a hot new single, “Bittersweet,” created exclusively for the beer industry giant Stella Artois. They have now joined forces to promote their newest campaign titled “Host One to Remember.”


The group put this “Bittersweet” project together in two disparate styles- one the original and the other the B Side- to give a different vibe and perspective to the anthem. One is served in a higher octave and another in a lower octave so that way you can enjoy your beer with an accompanying ballad to serenade you while you drink. Depending on your choice, each rendition is meant to match with and enhance aspects of the brand’s beer. According to Hypetrak, the concept behind these two renditions came from a study of Professor Charles Spence’s, an instructor at the University of Oxford. His research was on the basis of “crossmodal correspondences,” aka how our senses experience a moment all at once. So of course, a song to correspond with the way you taste something and smell something goes a long way, especially for marketing purposes. Questlove, an American percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, music journalist, record producer, actor, and of course a member of The Roots, details the composition for us, saying:

This project fuses two of our passions: music and food. As someone who loves to experiment in the studio and in the kitchen, this crazy unique collaboration inspired by Stella Artois was the perfect challenge. You really have to try it to believe it; it will change your perceptions of food, science and entertainment.

The track is fun, light-hearted, jazzy, and bold. It keeps you going and definitely sounds like catchy commercial-material. The band is currently coming up with a music video, as we speak, for the campaign theme song that will definitely include the ideas and theories behind this multi-sensory technique. The Roots have always known to be experimental with their sound and they have just pushed their endeavors further with this piece for the beloved beverage. The Roots will also be giving a live performance of this novel single at “Le Savior,” which is another part of the campaign considered to be a “multi-sensorial dinner theater experience” at New York’s Skylight Clarkson Square. The events will begin as of August 17th and will continue until August 22nd.

You can listen to both versions of the song above and get your tickets for the concert here.
Further References: Hypetrak


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