Snapchat Creates Filter Dedicated To Frank Ocean’s Album Release Day

Don’t Cry

Snapchat decided to be a little funny today and create filters to help us through the long wait for Frank Ocean to drop his debut album Boys Don’t Cry.


In certain countries, Snapchat has allowed people to use a hysterical filter that incorporates a skeleton pondering alone with cobwebs attached to him as the caption says “Waiting for Frank Ocean’s album like…” A truly accurate depiction of the agony fans are enduring as we sit by the clock and hope Friday never ends so that he can deliver his music to us.

There is a second filter, and that one looks like a Macbook’s TextEdit application, satirically referencing Ocean’s use of the app when he was sharing news in the past via screenshots.


Oh Snapchat, you savage, you.

No one knows who came up with these clever images, but now you can add a little sassy edge  to your already cynical mind. I wonder if Ocean knows about these, and I wonder if he’s the mastermind behind them. That would be a wicked turn of events. Of course, this filter will only last for so long and will only be able to be used in particular regions that have paid for it, but we can at least get a good laugh from them and it’s a great marketing act and publicity act for both the disappearing-picture social network and the mysterious artist.

According to the publication, Independent, Snapchat has been updating its app and just yesterday released their new feature called “Geostickers”. These will be unique stickers only available to add on top of your pictures if, and only if, you are in a specified location or in a major city in the world.

What do you think Snapchat will come up with next, especially since there are now some copycats in the industry? *ahem*Instagram*cough cough*

Further References: Independent


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