Caliph Will Hit Your Top Playlists With His Latest Release “The Mood”

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Caliph is an up-and-coming artist that is worth keeping a lookout for because with his unconventional and progressive neo-hip hop sound, he is going to be a huge new voice in the industry. A few days ago, our artist dropped his latest single “The Mood,” where he produces a wavy tune with a striking bounce.

The Senegal-born, but American raised singer-songwriter (more specifically Massachusetts) learned much about his creative side from his own upbringing. Culture being an incredibly important aspect of Caliph’s character, impacted the way he approaches his music. Caliph tries to take both forms of his East-Coast American lifestyle and his Guinean Cape Verdean & Portuguese roots in order to merge methods and create innovative possibilities for his sound.

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“The Mood,” featuring the artist Jefe Replay, is his first single off his exciting debut project Social Security. What is so intriguing about this man and makes him such an authentic artist to begin with is the fact that he speaks of true everyday struggles. He takes emotions to a whole new dimension as he recreates melodies over vocals and folds them back over each other. He then integrates other harmonies and tunes to construct a complex and contagious record to the ear. The steady and constant beat of this track keeps you “vibe-ing” along with it the whole way through, down to the last note. The synths blend with the voices, the hi-hats match with the snares, and the chord progressions flow with perfect rhythmic coordination in a rotative form. Truly a connoisseur of his musical identity, listeners can hear the passion and drive in his art.

Coming from being an immigrant, with much difficulty with officials, Caliph was very close to giving up all hope in ever receiving his papers, and that’s where the inspiration behind this soulful hit came from. “The Mood” demonstrates the cynical and self-pitying thoughts that came from the trials he had to face to get to where he is now. However, what was seen as bad actually brought about the phenomenal music that is this single. Caliph tries to demonstrate through this song, the happy-go-lucky, arrogant, and disillusioned figure he came to be as we follow his delivery through the story of disputations and nights of risqué entertainment. He notes how being a “Mr. Steal Yo’ Girl” is just a part of being “cool” in the hip hop world and industry. That being said, with the musical accompaniment of Replay, the two develop a song that is just exactly that.

Cover Art

Caliph said that his culture has allowed his music to speak out for the “less fortunate and voiceless.” He wants to be the bridge between the world of hip hop and the socio-cultural preferences, to allow a unity where all that matters is the music. With his politically and socially-charged tracks, Caliph is real with his fans. Nonetheless, his music has an air of positivity to it that may seem like a paradox in the grand scheme of things; however, he calls it “bridging the gap and speaking to those who need to hear truths in their language.” Well, said. He consoles the ignorant and the lost, those who fear speaking up and those who are confused to speak out.

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In the single, we also receive the vocal appearances of Jefe Replay, who adds a new element to the song that makes it just a little sharper for us to hear the tune. He flexes his own accentuation to the track as he sings along, “Now would you be mad, if I gave back your girl? After I done taught her how to roll up my drugs, took her to my hood, even showed her Harlem World…” The song is erotic and ferocious, yet extremely smooth and chill. This is the record you could find yourself jamming to on a late, late night to make you feel-good again.

Caliph is a proud individual, no longer squandered by the insecurities of being a  black-immigrant and a Muslim in the US, and because of this settlement with himself and his identity, he has been able to use fuel his passion for music with the topic that matter the most to him.

You can listen to the “The Mood” above now!

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