[Premiere]: UC Riverside Student, Singer-Songwriter & Producer Leven Kali Releases New Single “Cassandra” Ft. Droyd

Kali + positive vibes = your new favorite artist

Produced and written completely on his own, Leven Kali has created this contemporary funk track “Cassandra” Ft. Droyd, that will most definitely find its way onto your top “feel-good” playlists and into your hearts one way or another.


Kali is a force to reckon with already at such a young age. Now a 21-year old, Holland born but Santa Monica, CA raised, Kali grew up with the support of many creatives all around him in his immediate environment, influencing his musical upbringing. Today, he now creates his own art, and the best of it is that it is all his own. After taking a step away from the opportunity of being in division 1 golf, the superstar decided to pursue his music whole-heartedly and fully. However, he continues to be a student at UC Riverside studying business and media studies. Quite impressive! Kali has now taken it upon himself to fabricate a sound that incorporates the familiar tones and methods of varying genres of the past & present to augments a song’s value with simple tricks of his own.

The youthful producer utilizes aspects of funk, rap, soul, gospel, punk rock, etc. Leven has never let his music fall short of dynamic and versatile potential. He learns from the past and gives it a new meaning with a modern Kali twist of its own that involves the art of layering sounds to construct a complete composition. This then allows him to discover what makes the song groove in the right way.

“Cassandra” is a fun, up-beat tune, yet it carries a melancholy intonation that weaves within every phrase of the song. Together they blend the perfect concoction of emotions to bring this song to life. The song is completely mixed & mastered to perfection as every beat fits impeccably along every lyric. From piano to synth, from hi-hat to vocals, and more, Kali knows how to control the energy of every instrument in use and hones in on your multi-sensory experience of the track. If you couldn’t already tell, this  single could be your next summer jam- hands down.


There’s an interesting story behind the artist’s music as well! “Cassandra,” though may appear to be the typical love song about the focal character Cassandra, turns out to actually just be about the Postmates delivery lady who was late bringing their pizza order to the studio. How’s that for a muse? In the single, we also get a taste for the artist/producer named Droyd, who is similarly making a name for himself in the industry and will be creating more in the coming months for us to hear.

Another notable work by Leven includes his last release “Root of Evil,” which features the Atlanta producer, Brandon Thomas. Kali joins a crowd of young artists who are trying to bring a contemporary, alternative, and innovative sound to R&B by adding elements of classic genres such as jazz, soul, Motown, and funk with an avant-garde perspective. These include musicians such as Elijah Blake, Jahkoy, Miguel, The Weeknd, and other young up-and-comers.


So far, he has done a lot to keep his name at the forefront of the industry and fans’ minds, teaming up on joint-projects with such recognizable artists as Casey Veggies, Thundercat, Parliament Funkadelic’s Ricky Rouse, Jojo, and Topaz Jones, in addition to many others.

Looking ahead, we will be hearing a lot more from this sonic architect as he plans to work on many more collaborations, music videos, and solo projects along the way!


You can stream the track above now for some peace & positivity in a track!

Be sure to check him out on:




Official Site


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