I’m Finessin’ Playlist

Finessing [verb]: A hip hop slang term to get more out of a situation through trickery or talking yourself out of a situation.

This is the playlist for only the super cool, aka those who just need to zone out and unwind, or a playlist to energize you and get you focused on just you. This accumulation of indie-electronic vibes and tunes is a great representation of what music has become nowadays- the feel-good type of sound. Now you can hear this type of music in every genre, such as hip hop, soul, funk, R&B, rock, and of course, itself, indie music.

Cool, California. Everything here is cool.

I named this neo-chic playlist “I’m Finessin'” because this kind of music reminds me of those days when you just need to be on your own, enjoying the music and getting in the zone in something. Whether it’s work or something that you love to do or just taking a walk, this playlist will get you grooving and chilling out. Though not having anything to do with coming up with a con like the definition of the word, I think it works in the way that this playlist is benefitting you and it’s suavé. Perhaps you’re feeding your indifference or maybe you’re igniting your emotions. Today’s generation is all about asking why’s and if’s. Let this playlist get you through the week with its indie-pop synth progressions and intense compositions, while you ponder these questions and get all existential. Think about you and who you want to be, who you love, who you are and think if you need to get out of a situation you are in now. Maybe it’s the wrong job, maybe it’s the wrong relationship, the options are endless. These tracks will do the trick. In fact, they’ll finesse you into thinking you’re pretty badass and awesome, which is just a step closer in the right direction of building confidence.


Artists in this playlist include ZHU who just released a new project called Generationwhy, DJ Snake who also just released a new album titled Encore, and then of course, many other artists and musicians who have unleashed some great new hit singles and records this past summer like The Chainsmokers, Tove Lo, Mac Miller & Anderson .Paak.

So, go ahead and press that play button!

Don’t forget to check out our Spotify account for other fantastically themed playlists to get you through the week! Updated weekly, we’re here for you! 😉


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