Kehlani Teaches Us What It Means To Love A “Gangsta” In Her Hot New Music Video

My freakness is on the loose…

Kehlani gets creepy and seductive in this amazing music video for her Suicide Squad dedicated single “Gangsta.” We were given the song a few weeks ago before the movie’s release as a sneak peek into the soundtrack of the album, and we freakishly fell in love with it!

Though the movie may have been a total flop, the soundtrack still stood strong as the artists on it have produced some amazing hits. “Gangsta” is powerful, psychotic, erotic, and infectious, just like the adoration and passion between the Joker and Harley Quinn, the two maniacal lovers of the film. Not many know the story of Joker’s other half, but it all started when she met him as her own patient. Yes, that’s right, the freakishly mad woman was actually Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, a psychiatrist who was interning at the Arkham Asylum, but after being charmed and intrigued by his insanity, she jumps in bed with her sinful, murderous patient (illegal and crazy), and instantly falls in love. She then becomes Harley Quinn (a spin off of the world “harlequin”), who is just as sinister and nonsensical as the Joker.


It’s actually such a dark, saddening song, to be in love with abuse and danger, and yet it’s so catchy and intriguing! As you hear the tattooed goddess’ flawless silky vocals run coarsely and then smoothly over the instrumental, you can’t help but keep begging for more, like an addictive drug. It’s an innovative track that plays with electronic music, R&B, and of course eroticism. Our resident bad-a** chick slays in this catchy tune of lethal obsession.

The song is ghostly, but beautiful, and the heavy beat and warped vocals the create the melody run chills up your spine. We watch the dark seductress creeping in the shadows, laying over shattered glass with a bat in hand, swinging through acrobatic ribbons with a sly smile and a dazed glare, and moving clips and scenes from the movie of the twisted love affair between the Joker and Quinn as she sings, “I’m f*ked up, I’m black and blue, I’m built for it / All that abuse / I got secrets / That nobody, nobody knows…”


Just like all of the other tracks from the Suicide Squad soundtrack, “Gangsta” is masochistic, sadistic, and violent. But of course, they are all incredibly well-executed (no pun intended).

Overall, this is an amazingly written and produced song that Kehlani deserves to be proud of. Watch the video above!
Kehlani has also released two other singles last month titled “Distraction” and “CRZY,” which hopefully means we may be getting a debut album from her sometime soon.


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