Listen To MØ Perform Her Take On Frank Ocean’s “Lost” While We Wait


We’re feeling lost too… Where’s the album?

Indie-pop artist MØ delivers to us Frank Ocean’s beloved track off of Channel Orange “Lost,” in her own electric kind of way.

It’s got a more of a hopeful vibe to it, yet it still carries the melancholic tune Ocean had initially instilled in the track about a girl who is confused and lost in her world. She gives the song a wondrous Reggaeton charisma that gets you swaying to the rhythm and feeling like you’re in on a tropical getaway. The Denmark-born singer-songwriter slows down the track and gives it more vocal emphasis as she dances around without a care in an empty warehouse with completely barren lighting and studio equipment. I find this version not as moving as the original, but I do think it stands on its own as a fun, soul-releasing track.


MØ has been carrying the musical torch with her unique sound. She has lit the summer with her hit single “Final Song,” which released back in May, and still remains a favorite among the crowd. She also teamed up with the wicked electric-trio, Major Lazer, again for another fantastic summer jam, “Cold Water,”  which also features Justin Bieber as well as being written by Ed Sheeran and Benny Blanco. She is also anticipated to appear on Diplo’s upcoming project later this year! This Sony Music Entertainment artist has worked with many big names in the industry even though she just got started in the game, but there’s no mistaking her true talent for music.

In addition, since we’re on the topic, this is Ocean’s song, the same Ocean everyone was patiently waiting for to drop his album last Friday, but were heartbroken once again when he didn’t. He updated his website last week with an Apple Live video stream, but he was a no show the day his “Date Due” slip had illustrated. Now we must continue to painstakingly wait for some sort of product from the elusive crooner, but MØ has got us covered. This will have to do for now until…Boys Don’t Cry. Well done, MØ.

But you can now return back to the original “Lost” in the audio clip below if it doesn’t pull too many heart strings:


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