Watch Seth Rogen & Jimmy Fallon Kill It In Their Rap-Filled Lip Sync Battles

Gettin’ nasty for someone else…

In honor of the great Olympics, the boys thought it fitting to have their own Olympics trials through lip sync rap battles! This is a video you do not want to miss out watching as actor Seth Rogen accompanies The Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, in a beat-heavy battle to the death, or at least to the end of the song. In this epic edition of Lip Sync Battles, the two comedians take on some of today’s greatest hits, but also take on a few throwbacks.

The contest is simple. Each player picks their own two songs and tries to lip synch their own song better than the other. Each player doesn’t know what the other has planned on their set list, so that way it is completely unexpected! Fallon goes first covering Kent Jones’ radio single “Don’t Mind” and then he sings Onyx’s “Slam,” in the best possible way! With so much character and energy, he makes everyone laugh as he gets way to into spitting his rap fire. while Rogen is up next as collaborates with with Black Thought and The Roots on the show while performing “Mellow My Man” with a hair pick as his microphone. Fallon was dumbfounded by the fact that Rogen used live music and a hair pick to authentically present the track. He felt even a little betrayed by his own show band.


But this was the ultimate part. As a native Canadian, Rogen thought it was only right to represent his country for the Olympics by singing the Toronto-born, OVO rapper, Drake’s, single “Hotline Bling.” He models the classic grey cashmere turtleneck sweater and does what is only necessary when singing along to this song, he “dad dances.” Rogen flawlessly executes his role and performs for us a hysterical rendition of the 2016 hit.

Watch the whole thing go down in the video above!


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