Blackbear Drops Another Beautifully Produced EP ‘Cashmere Noose’


Genre? Vibe

The king of vibes, Blackbear, just dropped an EP on August 2nd titled Cashmere Noose, and it is a masterful piece, if I do say so myself.

Blackbear has always been such an interesting character to me as he’s extremely elusive in the public eye, yet he’s very open on Twitter about his thoughts and emotions The Los Angeles native  has situated himself in Hollywood now as this dark alternative-electro artist with an R&B and rock mélange, yet that isn’t how he started out in the industry. In fact, he began as a rock artist until he found himself co-writing Just Bieber’s hit single “Boyfriend” alongside Mike Posner back in 2012, which made the No. 2 spot on the Billboard Top 100 Charts. Then in 2013, Blackbear had his big break after finding his true sound in hot rhythmic beats & melodies, transforming into the R&B singer-songwriter and rapper that he is today. That same year, he self-produced and released his own EP entitled Sex, and the next year after that he dropped his EP Afterglow.


In a series of EPs continuing on into the future, the peculiar yet noteworthy architect of inflections and tunes developed and unleashed his first debut album Dead Roses. This project, on its own, stood as a representation of his hard work as an upcoming artist who really has a passion for what he does. He’s a creator of sound; a designer of reverbs. He has worked with such notable artists as Devon Baldwin, Mike Posner, James Blake, MGK, and Maejor Ali (to name a few).

Now, in this new EP, Blackbear gives us another haunting title for a project with a list of eclectically titled tracks that all speak a different message and have an accentuated sound that is very distinct from the others. However, he manages to still make each single flow into one another, as his coarse and tragic lyrics gracefully dance over well-paced beats and smooth instrumentals. If there was 1 word to describe his music, it would be paradoxical.  When it should be painfully melancholic, he sounds upbeat and proud, and vice versa. When we expect something heavy and hard, he produces something sweet and moving. “Rly Real” is probably my favorite track off of the compilation, but I have to say, that overall, I could listen to the full-album all the way through voluntarily and with ease. He just really knows how to layer voices over each other as if they’re people conversing with one another, forming beautiful discussions in complex, harmonious, and convoluted echoes. He can even spit fire! He’s a talented one-man show who can sing, rap, and produce.


You can listen to the entirety of the solo mixtape above!

Cashmere Noose Track List:

  1. Sniffing Vicodin in Paris
  2. Spent All My Money On Rick Owens Cargo Pants Ft. Mod Sun
  3. Rly Real
  4. Sometimes I Want 2 Die
  5. Princess Complex
  6. ☆:*my bad luv ☆.。.:*



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