Watch Snakehips & ZAYN’s Avant-Garde “Cruel” Music Video

Perfect Disaster…

Today, the British electronic duo Snakehips release their vibrant and shadow-y music video to accompany their recent hit single “Cruel” featuring Zayn Malik. The song dropped sometime last month, and when we first heard it, it struck us as something very different and unique. It still has a Snakehips production sound to it, but also embodies a Malik track and combining the two together make a perfect mix of electronic-R&B/pop harmony.

I never wanted to really like Zayn Malik’s music, in fact, I usually don’t, but this song is irresistible and contagious, and he truly does a good job. What a perfect disaster.


The band is made of Oliver Lee and James Carter, who together made their big break when they produced their hit “All My Friends” with Chance the Rapper and Tinashe last year. With a start at Hype Machine creating remixes for Banks, The Weeknd, and many more, the artists built their brand into a growing household name in the industry.

In this particular atmospheric track, you can’t help but experience various sensations as the song unfolds, and with the music video it’s a roller coaster of vibrations and moods. I’ve honestly had the song on repeat all day and I also have it on all of my running playlists. There is something mysterious and charming about this track. It’s like an action song, but it also has a flash mob 80’s sound to it, then add in a little bit of dance music and R&B croons and you get something completely contemporary. It’s the perfect song for the cynical metropolitan type and the urban chic. As you watch the song in the visual, we follow a stoic Malik through endless pans of countless rooms, trying to find a girl he fancies in this chaotic megacity where dancers, neon lights, and crime tyrannize his way.


The composition itself of the instrumentals underneath Malik’s voice is extremely impressive, with echoes here and layers there and tracks galore; the noises all come in sync with one another. If you listen carefully you can even hear the oriental sounds of a whining two string fiddle in the back! It’s an honest and innovative single.

What we should be expecting though is to hear that this song will appear on Snakehips unofficial studio LP that has been rumored about, but we’re waiting to hear from them if this is true.

Watch the video for “Cruel” above now to experience a musical phenomenon cinematically!


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