Chance The Rapper Showcases Inspiring New Single For Nike Olympics Ad

We’re right by your side

Chance The Rapper has done it again. He has moved not only mine, but hundreds of others’ hearts in this beautifully executed acoustic anthem made for a Nike Olympics ad. The Coloring Book rapper had the chance to create a quick track in honor of the Olympics, which is currently in motion, and it is nothing short of amazing (though the song may actually be a little short)!

In this balladic track, Chance performs an almost-spoken-word form of rap over simple piano chord progressions, and of course, like most of his music, is accompanied by choir vocals.


Chance empowers the youth, uplifts the old, and carries the world through times of joy and anguish in just this one track. Though this may sound dramatic, I don’t think it is too far off. This Chicago-native has given his heart to so many through his own unique music and sound. In fact, the artist could even be considered a societal leader!

“People, People / We the people would like you to know / That wherever you go, we’re right by your side…” croons lil Chano.

With this single, he helps the famous sports company, Nike, show its love for Team USA via a fresh new ad. The entity put together this short film, directed by Hiro Murai, titled Unlimited Together, which as Pigeons and Planes has reported, is a part of their novel Unlimited Campaign. With the rapper’s intense emotional expressions and powerful vocals in the cast, the song comes to life and best represents how teammates feel and what they do during the biggest games of the year.


“We want some heroes in our story / We need highlights for a nightlight, we need glory for a while…” spits the hip-hopper in the beginning, truly portraying the pressure, but the immense honor it feels to be in the Olympic games. Teams come together and share a bond that is like no other. Blood, sweat, and tears are brought on the courts, on the fields, in the waters, in the rings, and all over. Chance’s song brings the voices together to best sonically illustrate those thoughts and feelings running through the minds of our proud USA players.

You can now watch the glorious black & white visual and hear the track in the video above! Now, if you will excuse me, I’ll be listening to this on repeat.
Further References: Pigeons&Planes


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