Frank Ocean Fans Take It Too Far; Try To Kidnap His Little Bro For Album

Frank Ocean will cry

The enigmatic artist may cry if fans do decide to steal his little brother. Yes, you heard that right. Let’s rewind a little.
Frank Ocean, critically acclaimed and much-adored R&B singer-songwriter, was supposed to release his album Boys Don’t Cry last Friday when he posted that he would via an image on his site. But of course, like every time we were promised a project, he delayed the release further, not giving us anything at all. Fans have had enough of his mind games and are furious because his music has quite literally moved people for its authenticity and uniqueness. Without this new project, fans have felt lost.


He recently updated his official website to display an Apple Video Live Stream of an empty abandoned warehouse with a saw machine in the middle. The artist appeared in the frame a few times himself working on something and instrumentals were also played in the background.

Yet, we still have no product. However, we do have a dilemma, and that’s that Channel Orange fans may be taking it a bit too far this time.

Looks like no one can patiently wait for November to come by because now fans are pulling Ocean’s little brother, Ryan Breaux, into the whirlwind of troubled listeners. Via a post on reddit, a user told people that the best new course of action is to kidnap Ocean’s little brother as ransom and to then ask for his album in return.

“Guys I have the perfect idea…Why don’t we just kidnap Ryan and not give him back until frank drops the album?” suggested the Ocean fanatic. Too far, man!
Lil Breaux saw the thread and was obviously freaked out a little by it. He then replied to the Reddit message, saying “I’m shook.” Immediately after, he screen-shotted the post and put it up on Twitter for all to see, exclaiming “BRUUH.”

Bruh is right! Sure, we’re all a little sore from the fact we have not been given new music in a few years from Ocean, but don’t mess with his family! That’s between you and the “Pink Matter” man.

Hopefully, no one will take this suggestion seriously.


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