Tory Lanez Tries Out Dancehall Music With Kranium


Get on the dance floor!

Hip hop rapper and R&B singer, Tory Lanez, is giving a new genre a try. The artist teamed up with dancehall artist Kranium to create this new single “We Can.” At first, I admit I was wary, unsure if the Toronto-rapper had it in him to approach such a smooth-vibe-filled genre, but after a second time around listening to the track, I was pleasantly surprised to find his voice crooned perfectly over each note. Of course, Kranium is an expert of his art, so there’s no need to question that.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 1.59.15 PM.png

However, I do feel that there isn’t much else to the track than that. Just a smooth ballad with a bouncy beat. It could use more climax, possibly more progressions and bigger crescendoes. Yet, being Lanez’s first try at the musical method, it’s safe, and people would undoubtedly listen to it. In addition, you can jam to the song, but it’s more like the lounge type music than it is the party starter such as Drake’s “One Dance” or Rihanna’s “Work.”

You can listen to the track above and let us know what you think of it!


The artist recently went on tour with A$AP Ferg and to many fans, it was a complete success. Now, the artist has already begun working on his next project titled I Told You and has announced the tour dates, with special guest Veecee, as well! On July 29th, Lanez dropped his single “Flex,” which you can listen to here now. Besides all of this, the R&B rapper has also been sure to keep himself busy creating new remixes of popular tracks today, SUCH AS DRAKE’S “Controlla” (another dancehall track; wonder if he’s got a theme going now) and Jay-Z’s “I Got The Keys.”

All in all, good try on this take Lanez, probably not quite your style or brand, but definitely a genre worth exploring.


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