Ed Sheeran Sued For Stealing Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On”

Let’s get it on?

Remember the track above? Yeah, “Let’s Get It On” by the infamous Marvin Gaye? Well, speculations have been made that Ed Sheeran may have ripped off the song for his own hit single “Thinking Out Loud.” What, you may ask? Recently, the publication Daily Mail was able to fill us in on the details.

As the Daily Mail reported it, the Brit-native stole the “heart” of the track which is the “described as the progressions, melodic and rhythmic elements – of ‘Let’s Get It On’ and repeated it continuously throughout the song.”


Kathryn Townsend, Helen McDonald and Cherrigale Townsend have charged a Federal Lawsuit against the pop artist and have asked to cease any possibility of him profiting from “Thinking Out Loud.” Instead, they have sued Gingerbread Man Records and Sony & Atlantic Records.

Now, Sheeran will be heading to court to defend his musical rights and to prove that he did not copy the classic hit; however, the Plaintiffs, or the next generation of Ed Townsend who had co-written Gaye’s song and owned 100% of royalties to the track are not having it. They are certain that the melody and everything about the song Sheeran produced is identical to their familial track.


“Thinking Out Loud” was produced in 2014 hit No. 1 on the charts and was claimed to be one of the most popular music videos on youtube!

His suit would prevent the X singer-songwriter from EVER copyrighting or selling his own song EVER again because of its apparent similarity. In addition, some interesting news was brought back to light when were reminded to recall that Marvin Gaye’s family was given $7.4 million back in a lawsuit against Pharrell and Robin Thicke’s 2013 collab track “Blurred Lines” because of the Gaye’s own single “Got to Give It Up”! Touchy family. Pop music always uses the same chords anyways! WHAT CAN YOU DO?!

Well, you can now compare the two tracks by listening to Sheeran’s song  next to Gaye’s above.

Further References: Daily Mail



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