OneRepublic Debuts A Song For An Endless Summer “Kids”

Nostalgia and Better Futures

After some time of not hearing much from the adored American rock band, OneRepublic returned to us with a single that will extend summer just a little bit more before August ends and show us a whole new side and sound of the group. Today, on August 12th, the band releases this new to-be smash hit “Kids.” The song is a hopeful tune, it’s a memorable melody and a uplifting harmony gliding you through endless visions of dreams and aspirations. The beginning takes you through a fun siren-like riff and then lead singer Ryan Tedder jumps in with his serenading vocals followed by his bandmates prolific and euphoric instrumentals (including member: bassist Brent Kutzle, drummer Drew Brown, and guitarists Zach Filkins and Eddie Fisher). The song is both electric and authentic. It’s got that raw rock sound, that bouncy pop rhythm, and that lively electronic tone.


OneRepublic has been recognized as both a multi-platinum and a Grammy-nominated entity. And it only makes sense because this quintuplet has created some of the best tracks known to the pop/rock era. They were best known for their 2007 hit singles “Apologize” collaborated with Timbaland and “Stop and Stare” of their first album Dreaming Out Loud. But they drew their own fame from just their overall unique, fun, and emphatic music. “Kids” is completely new initiative on their classic sound; however, and this may be their next big chart topper!

The Mosley/Interscope Records supported artists have truly put a new twist into this single “Kids,” which takes you on a trip down memory lane of your own remembrances and then reminds you that you have to keep moving forward and not look back at past relationships because things will be just as good as those days now and can even be better!

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Tedder dove deeper into the song’s construction and meaning:

“It’s a conscious departure,” Tedder remarks. “As an artist or musician, if you’re not poking or needling or pushing the envelope to see if it pops, you’re not doing it right. Whatever our sound is — and I don’t think we have a dyed-in-the-wool sound — this album is by far our most evolved.”

Tedder is a Grammy-winning songwriter, having written and produced for such big acts as Adele, U2, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Ellie Goulding, Maroon 5, and many more. It’s interesting to hear how this particular song actually makes you think more electric-indie rock bands like M83, Ra Ra Riot, and Two Door Cinema Club! And he admits to EW that this song was most definitely inspired by the M83 sound. It’s a beautiful song with an important message to millennials.

And on most of the days we were searching for ways
To get up and get out of the town that we were raised, yeah, Cause we were done
I remember, we were sleeping in cars
We were searching for OZ
We were burning cigars
With white plastics tips ’til we saw the sun
And we said crazy things like

I refuse to look back thinking days were better
Just because they’re younger days…

sings Tedder in this anthem for endless summer days and wishful thinking!

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 11.07.48 AM.png

“Kids” will be the lead single off of OneRepublic’s upcoming fourth album! Fans are very excited for this. Earlier this summer, that released their other single to come from the forthcoming record titled “Wherever I Go.” Their other past projects included their 2013 album Native, which actually made it to a No. 4 spot on the Billboard Top 200 chart and No. 9 on the UK Official Albums Chart. Hits from that project included: “If I Lose Myself,” “Feel Again,” “Love Runs Out,” and “Counting Stars.” In addition, Their sophomore project Waking Up (2009) included the hit tracks: “All the Right Moves,” “Secrets,” and “Good Life.” Regardless, these guys have been making marks on the matrix of music everywhere that they go, wherever they go, and that’s why we keep coming back to listen.

“Kids” is now available on iTunes and Apple Music for purchase!  And you can now listen to the OneRepublic track on Spotify!

Be sure to check out their Official Site!


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