Get Zen With Rap Artist KyE Nathaniel In His New Release “Pure Meditation”

Take a trippy adventure to Wonderland

Rap artist KyE Nathaniel would like to introduce you to his own wonderland of hip hop musical stylings as he releases not only a new track, but also a mystifying music video entitled “Pure Meditation.”

Nathaniel originates from New Bedford, Massachusetts as the son of a 3-time Grammy-nominated Jazz musician, Armsted Christian. This rapper clearly grew up in an atmosphere encompassed by the artistry of music, even at the youngest of ages, which then flourished into the adoration he has for the realm now. KyE is no stranger to the hip hop industry as he had been recognized by artist gurus, such as Wyclef Jean and a couple others just from a few listens to his earlier releases. His first ever releases included singles like “On Top” and “Coffee Shop,” both which featured on his unreleased mixtape Flipping Channels Theme.

Coffee Milk

KyE has delved deeply into the areas that interest him most, spanning fields such as music (of course), art, and film. In fact, the multi-dimensional character himself writes and designs the concepts to his own creations, including his cover art, which you can see below.

As we look at the cover art, what do we notice? KyE speaks in detail about his image chosen to represent the new song. He says that he had taken the time to work along side an animator named Michael Myers who hear KyE’s ideas of recreating an Alice In Wonderland theme, that hint of mystery and confusion of self-identity which brought about his music video and this elaborate cartoon picture. (Side note: I absolutely love that he used Alice In Wonderland references as an analogy, as it was my favorite childhood story growing up).  As for the music video itself, produced by Caleb Sarikey, KyE explains that he attempted to incorporate “Alice In Wonderland with a hint of The Matrix,” both which are extremely existential storylines. “In the video I’m pretty much choosing the red pill, taking a chance and seeing what happens. A door appears representing a gateway to another world. With a woman representing the white rabbit. Who I constantly chase after throughout the video in search of answers. The longer I follow her the deeper down “the rabbit hole” I continue to go,” elaborates the male-form of Alice.

PM Artwork
Cover Art

It’s a pleasure to introducing this artist aspiring to grow with the right train of hip hop thought and an actual skill of the art. With “Pure Meditation,” you better be ready for the ultimate journey as KyE serenades and animates the people who listen to this song. In this spin-off of Alice In Wonderland, medication takes you on a whole new adventure to embark on as you chase after a damsel (aka the white rabbit). It’s metaphoric and lyrically accentuated. It’s a smooth single, and the beat is not overbearing. In fact, it’s much like a relaxing rap mantra. It’s got the right rhythmic flow and an exotic tune to bring about a uniqueness to the track. He incorporates the atmospheric vibes of oriental intonations, and just like that, he instantly takes you on a purely meditative visitation to another dimension.

KyE’s flow is solid and he can even sing well over the instrumentals to give the song a more dynamic punch than the perpetuity of continuous verses typical of rap tracks. For the most part, it seems as if he is a rapper who understands how to construct melodies over spoken words and vice versa.

The beginning of the visual is humorous as he takes you on an expedition in Zen mode, scouring the forests for the lost white rabbit/girl.


That’s what makes the song so profound. The fact that it takes the the tragedies of reality and presents them through this contemporary and avant-garde perspective of an innocent child’s tale, Alice In Wonderland. We are vulnerable in instances of misery, but with a little step back into ourselves and our thoughts (a valuable lesson learned from the fictional story), we can rediscover what it means to be who we are, as individuals, and how to deal with the pains that linger about us.
KyE aims to be true to himself, and not look to others for his musical sound. He looks towards the future rather than what lives in the moment. He is cultivating his music now because he plans to drop a new project titled Le’ Wave (which is another reference, but to his father’s debut album The Wave Is Coming). But there’s another underlying meaning behind the title, and that’s that there are new sounds to be heard and a new era, or you may say “wave,” of music on its way from him and from like-artists around.


“‘Pure Meditation’ was a really fun record to make,” admits the charismatic artist to me. He continues, “especially after I figured out exactly where I wanted to go with it. The hook on pure meditation is like my short explanation of what’s been going on with me. ‘I been gone for a minute. Know a lot of ya’ll been waiting.'” 

He notes that the writing process of the song was in itself a self-reflection of his attitudes and lifestyle. “This is me saying I realize that I haven’t really been around. No! I didn’t stop making music. No! I didn’t lose my focus and I know you guys want more music from me.
‘See I had to get away. Not talking vacation,’ he quotes from his own masterpiece.

He acknowledges the fact that life is no simple melody, and that in fact it does have its ups and its downs. This is what stopped him from creating music in the first place. These series of unfortunate events of losing loved ones are the reason for why he back out of tune with his passion. “For a while and still it seems like the only two constants in my life are death and music. I’ve always always found it easier to express my feelings artistically rather than in conversation. I consider myself to be an introvert with extrovert tendencies. Back to the [main] line, this was my way of saying all of this without being complex. I wanted you to get it immediately.”

And, KyE we do. As we hear you sing through the chorus:
“Please open up your mind. Now do a little thinking. Notice everything clear now. This is pure meditation.”

If there is one thing you learn from this track, and one thing only, its a production made to signify clarity. It’s a message to discover a light in yourself even in the darkest of moments and an anthem made to whisk you away from your past and into a wondrous land of your own positive, hopeful fabrications for your future. “It’s also me talking to you in hopes you find your inner peace and clarity. As well as whatever it is your searching for,” says KyE.

You can now watch the music video above to get zen with KyE or you can now stream the song on Spotify HERE! And you can follow him on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter!


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