DEVAULT Unleashes Epic New Track Titled “Nothing New”

Intensive zoning out!

DEVAULT is no ordinary 20-year old hailing from Orange County, CA. He’s a DJ/producer who creates some pretty epic soundscapes in the studio and on stage. In his latest release “Nothing New,” which he drops today, DEVAULT demonstrates his avant-garde take on a retro form of electronic dance music. This Soundcloud
EDM artist has produced some very unique tracks with his creative and imaginative mind for music . DEVAULT’s recognition emerged as a result of a live performance he gave at a hometown show at the Yost Theater. It was completely sold out and instantly became an event to rave about.


He’s a rising star and a growing act, inserting his sound, slowly but surely, along with other artists of the electronic domains. In recent months, he gave snippets of some of his strongest singles such as “Closer”, “Right With You”, and his hit “All I Need” which features Stelouse. The virtual music designer continues to excel and augment his skills as he continues to create, build, produce, and release new material for us to zone out to!

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DEVAULT persistently delivers a newfangled perspective on an ever-evolving genre. “Nothing New” is a track that stands out on its own. By utilizing live drums, inviting vocals, and powerful instrumentation, the track includes the remembrances of a classic deep French-house record, with the addition of an alternative-pop EDM drop. He also had the chance to join forces with a talented artist for this track, Sky Ferreria’s drummer Joe Zizzo. With Zizzo’s drums, the song gains an authentic layer to the usually whole digital creation. “Nothing New” is a cyclical melody that carries you through waves of risers and collisions. You go from soft to rough, from quiet to loud, from serene to intense, and it constantly keeps you moving with it. The consistency is key to this single, and that is what brings it musical clarity. There is not doubting the fact that this young man has shared his time experimenting with elements and aspects of EDM. Piecing them together to construct this record, DEVAULT challenges conventions of sound in warped and captivating ways.



“Nothing New” is now available via Trap Nation on Soundcloud, iTunes, Youtube, and Spotify!


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