Frank Ocean ‘Channel ORANGE’ Hits the Billboard 200 Album Charts, AGAIN

Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank…

There’s a lot of Frank Ocean news bubbling around since the all of the hullabaloo of his album release, then his lack of release, then a strange black and white Apple Live stream video, then a Calvin Klein short film commercial, and a little brother in the news and under scrutiny, and an album production, and a track feature, and Snapchat filters, and album research apps, etc. etc. There’s just a lot. Why? Well, if you’ve been living under a rock, here’s why. Frank Ocean was supposed to drop his sophomore full-length album Boys Don’t Cry. It has been four whole years since we have heard anything of the Ocean’s own making, and how do fans feel about that? Please refer to the list above.


On August 5th, the world was expecting a gift, an album from the R&B crooner, and yet again, he dropped the ball and not the project and left us all hanging. Still today (1 week later) we stand LP empty-handed. The video has not changed on his site, and once again, we are forced to wait for his socials to make any post or sign of living existence. Where is Liam Neeson when you need him most? Someone needs to call Ocean and tell him “I will find you.” Too much? Maybe. Fans have found ways to keep themselves busy though while they wait, and to prep their minds to get in the real Ocean zone by listening to his past masterpieces off his chart-topping album Channel ORANGE. The record itself had actually made it to the Billboard 200 Album Charts back in May of 2013, but now it’s made a comeback, reclaiming a spot on the long list at a solid #146 on the Billboard 200 Album Charts NOW. It’s amazing to think that a second album could bring about the revivification of the first album. That is true fan love.


Sorry, everyone, no hints here as to where the M.I.A. album could be, but who knows, maybe the rumored November will finally be the month… and maybe we will have to wait until another eclipse to occur before it releases. What do you think?

So, here’s the our favorite album while we wait, listen here, right now… it’s all we have. Nostalgia Ultra, huh? Or Ultra Nostalgia?


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