Trop-House Artist Kygo Is Starting His Very Own Minimalist Fashion Line

Trop-house takes fashion

A few days ago, the electric, trop-house artist, Kygo, let the world know that he would be starting his own clothing line! Kygo has been up to a lot in the past two years, from performing at the Billboard Hot 100 Festival followed by many more festivals after that, to touring, to releasing new singles, and so on. Eventually, all of this would compile into his LP Cloud Nine- a major success of a project for the electronic-dance world! Notable tracks off the album include “Firestone,” “Stole The Show,” “Carry Me,” and “Stay,” but realistically, every song is a hit as Kygo is a marvelous architect of soundscapes. and melodies. His music is not just digitally produced, but they hold the element of musical depth, charismatic life, lyrical prowess, and so much more.

And if all of that wasn’t enough for the superstar, on August 11th, Kygo posted on Twitter an image of himself sporting a black midnight fur jacket, a black beanie, a white striped t-shirt, and some earphones, and what do we have? Aka Minimalist swag. According to Hypetrak, we should be expecting this novel Fall/Winter collection to premiere sometime on August 17th! That information was thanks to his Instagram account, where a photo of the artist, in black and white, is posted with him in a design room, holding a piece of clothing and surrounded by racks of garments, a computer with a piano/synth keyboard hooked up, and two gentlemen who he most likely is discussing design ideas and such with while he’s producing music. lol.

Musicians these days seem to be taking on a multi-tasking attitude or approach in their careers. Though music is their main focus, they branch out to other artistic territories such as visual art, filmmaking, and of course, fashion. (Just look at Kanye and Gambino.) So, this Norwegian DJ and record producer decided, “why not give it a try?”  Who he is working with, we’re not sure, but we’re definitely excited, as we all know, he fronts some pretty awesome gear.


Be sure to follow him on his socials to keep up on his fabulous new line! AND, listen to his amazing album HERE.


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