Chance The Rapper Performs For Debut on GMA & Announces Tour Opener


Making summer friends everywhere he goes

Today was a big day for the Coloring Book artist. Chance the Rapper had his debut on America’s favorite broadcast news program, Good Morning America, where he had the chance to talk about his music, his life decisions, and the meanings and motives behind the work he does which essentially led him on this path to success.

The Chicago-born rapper had a sit-down, heart-to-heart with Robin Roberts, one of the head journalists and news reporters of the daytime show, where they reflected upon his past and the movement into the present achievements that he has come across now. With a chuckle and a blush, Lil Chano was humbled by Robin’s kind words about his innovative, up-and-coming prestige.


Robin continues to go over some of the hip hop artist’s accomplishments such as gaining a large following just form the power of social media, being recognized on the covers of Billboard and Complex magazines, earning a spot on the Billboard Album Charts as the first free-streaming album to ever be on the list, and most recently being the voice for the Nike Olympics campaign.

Robin also noted that several record labels have approached Chance in the past few years of his rise to fame, however, he himself chooses not to sign with them. “I think the music industry is something that’s very separate from the music, and so by always staying on the music side of it, I have found success,” says the Acid Rap creator. Being raised in a family of social workers, he has also taken on this attribute to create a program in Chicago schools that are much like Open Mics, and allow students to express themselves through their music without fear of judgement or criticisms.


In addition, Chance has been preparing for his Magnificent Coloring World Tour and with the show dates already announced via his Instagram and all over other social accounts, fans are flocking to get their tickets before they are all sold out. On this same topic, today we received a wonderful surprise when Chance the Rapper revealed via Twitter that his friend and musical partner, Francis and the Lights, will be joining him on tour serving as his opener!

We had learned earlier in the summer that Francis had actually given a part of his own song “Friends” for Chance to sample in his smash hit “Summer Friends.” Now, Chance plans to make it up to him by having him by his side on stage in North America and Europe this autumn. The “No Problem” singer-songwriter has also put together a hometown festival in Chicago, Ohio, called the Magnificent Coloring Day in Chicago! That event should be a hit!

Just as Chance had professed himself, what’s so great about his music (even in my opinion) is that it is the kind of music that is for everyone! It is for the children because it’s bubbly and fun, it’s for the religious because it incorporates the positivity of faith, it’s for the hip hop crowd who love the hype and the intensity of rap, and it’s for the quirky, the movers, the changers, the dreamers with its vibes and hopefulness!

So, after the little preview into Chance’s life, we were graced by his performance of “Summer Friends,” a track that comes off of his notorious album Coloring Book. It was a stunning performance, confidently executed and entirely in tune and in sync with the music. It was really entertaining to watch! Great job, Lil Chano!

You can watch the entire performance of his hit “Summer Friends” below:


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