Ambient-Electronic/R&B Duo Opia Release Moody New Single “YDU”

Tunes to Make Out To…

When you combine an ambient tune with a seductive R&B melody that twists your heart into knots but also arouses you, that is when you get Opia’s recent release “YDU.”

“YDU” stands for “You Don’t Understand,” and it’s such a stunning single, really and truly. Thoroughly an impressive duo, these producers’ new single, just released today, August 16th, is the absolute definition of feels. In this soulful track, the breathy vocals over a fragmented composition is one of the most unique tracks I have ever heard.


When you listen to the song, think about where you wish to be, then melt away and go further into this deeper realm of subconsciousness. This atmospheric R&B harmony is like a puff of smoke from your blunt, shapeshifting in the air before your eyes into euphoric tones and noises. It takes you into a world of an in-between. If you listen carefully, the funk melody and the chord progressions that are actually more of that static-fuzz sound dance over each other in layers. The choir like sheets of vocals, the off-beat rhythms, and the cool, serenading intonations make this sound like an erotic lullaby as the ambience takes you into your own paradox of indifference and emotion. It’s nostalgic, it’s melancholic, and the shattered, broken instrumentals mirror these sentiments.

By weaving a woman’s voice into the already existing voice, they intertwine souls…“You don’t understand my love… and we both know…” call-and-echo the two.


Now, let’s introduce you to the masterminds behind the music. Meet Cole Citrenbaum and Jacob Reske. These two young men met back in college while they were attending their schooling at the prestigious Yale University majoring in both Math and Physics (damn). After meeting up and hearing each other’s talents, they decided to join forces and work on various projects together. Jacob is known for his jazzy production and arrangement stylings and Cole is known for his balladic guitar and vocal songwriting skills. Both extremely well-versed in their respective fields, it only made sense for the pair to team up, and in 2016, their collaboration became a hit. The boys hailing from New Haven, Connecticut spent three whole weeks in a studio basement to become the identity Opia. Soon followed their debut single “Falling” which was an instant sensation to the listening world! Most notably known for this hit SoundCloud record, “Falling” managed to make its way onto top charts from Spotify (where I initially heard it), Hype Machine, and SoundCloud. By hearing their music all over popular playlists and musical streaming feeds, they were able to gain an even bigger following. Opia went viral, to put it simply as that, and for good reason!


Deeming their music on Facebook as “tunes to make out to,” they are not completely wrong as their sound is all about that sonic romance and musical intimacy. They remind me a lot of the emotional complexity that singer-songwriter Blackbear puts in his work, with digital tunes, hot rhythmic beats, and R&B croons, but they also remind many of the soul-synth band HONNE. Opia has now moved out to Los Angeles to conclude their recording for their forthcoming project that we fans will be eager to have drop!


Now, some more about this dreamy single, “YDU” was written and recorded all over the US. Opia decided that the only way to develop a transcendental sound was to go on their own boundless journey to find the perfect sound. Throughout their adventures, they collected samples like shells from various places, whether they were sounds of friends chatting, Thai instruments, or vocals from friends in SONDAR. The band definitely takes an inventive step in the right direction with their captivating and and innovative constructions. I expect this to be another chart topper and playlist hit soon!

You can now go ahead and drift away by listening to the track above!

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