[Call To Action]: Boston University [BU] Students Create Petition For A Spring Music Festival

We, the students, want the music

Things have been changing around campus at Boston University thanks to the many young active voices who try to bring certain topics to light. Now, the BU community is asking its school’s authorities to bring one of the most pivotal aspects of a college experience, and something we have never had before, and that is a College Spring Musical Festival. 


Why do we want this? Students are thankful that someone finally stood up to the Student Activities Board (known more casually as SAO). Music is an extremely important aspect of a college experience as are festivals. So, why is that you ask? Well isn’t it obvious? If you look at what the festival atmosphere promotes, it encourages community. It encourages culture. It brings about empowerment to express oneself and their passions. And overall, it is a lot of fun!

By having this Spring Festival, not only would we be helping the BU community, but we would be sharing the love with the overall Boston area, the colleges of Massachusetts, and all of the youth and millennials.


Photo by Frank Curran for Boston University Photography

At the moment 500 people are needed to sign this petition to make the final decision of having the event or not, and we’re SO close. With already 415 people having signed it, it only needs 55 more to make this incredible dream a reality.



These festivals always consist of either up-and-coming artists or more well-known stars to perform for the collegiate demographic. What an amazing and memorable moment in our lives this would be!

The student who had created the petition wrote a description in support of the proposal:

“I want Boston University to host a spring fest concert for their students. Springfest appears to be a staple of the college years that Boston University is missing out on. I know all of my high school friends that went to other colleges or universities talk about their Springfests and I feel like I’m missing out on part of my college years. Having a [spring festival] concert can only help promote Boston University’s reputation and popularity with its attending and prospective students. Because Springfest promotes a sense of togetherness and community, I know plenty of BU students would be thrilled about a spring fest concert on our campus and would be happy to help plan or fundraise for it. Thank you for taking the time to consider this.”

Please, please, please, help us in our wish to make a change! You can visit the link HERE from Change.org to check out the petition and sign it as well! We would be truly grateful. Let’s bring BU to life this spring!


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