Major DJ & Ableton Music Constructor Alluxe Releases Exotic Night Club Single “Work My Body”


Meet the real “Controlla”

One of the most major names to the electronic music industry is producer/DJ/controllerist Alluxe and she has just released her new single “Work My Body” featuring Salar System. The song is to be on her forthcoming EP which will drop this autumn on October 28th!

Many of you may have heard of her, and many of may have not, but for those of you who haven’t, meet one of the most kick a** individuals to take the stage. This international music producer, DJ, controllerist, electric violinist and live show designer is named Laura Escudé but goes by the stage name Alluxe. Thanks to her, concerts from all over the world have been successful and cutting-edge!

Alluxe has worked with some of the big leagues in the business (and when I say some, I mean A LOT). Her humble beginnings came about when she first became an Ableton certified trainer in their music production program. I myself took Ableton lessons, and I can tell you that musical production is one of the most thrilling and difficult programs to master. With that accomplishment under her belt, she moved on to becoming the CEO of Electronic Creatives,  which is a group focused on bringing together some of the most brilliant and covetable sound designers in the world, and Escudé auditions, reviews, critiques, picks, and trains them herself.

A little more on her, as if that wasn’t enough? She is an extremely well educated individual! Escudé was a classically trained violinist from Vanderbilt University for a year, then she received her BA in Violin Performance and a Minor in Business from Florida State University, and then earned her place at UCLA’s Extension Film Scoring program. So, she already had built a great toolbox of experience and lessons for a professional musical theory background. What she is best known for, however, is her ability to synthesize hip hop, electronic, and bass-drop trap into a revolutionary, cutting-edge commotion of euphoric sound.

So, no. She is not  your ordinary DJ. In fact, she’s far more than that.
Her work has been  noted and utilized by some of the pop culture’s biggest names as they went on tour, thus building her extensive resume for being a live show designer and controllerist. She has worked with artists such as Kanye West on every tour he has ever given since 2009, including this year’s The Life of Pablo Tour, and she just recently came from producing on stage for Miguel during his Wild Heart Tour. But that’s not all. In the past, Alluxe has also collaborated in concert settings with artists like Childish Gambino, Jay Z, The Weeknd, Drake, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bon Iver, Kiesza, Mike Posner, Selena Gomez, Solange, Becky G, Charli XCX, The Silversun Pickups, M83, Iggy Azalea, Herbie Hancock, Porter Robinson, and SO many more! Some of her violin productions have been sampled in huge tracks like Kanye West’s “Dark Fantasy” and his collab with Jay-Z “Watch the Throne.”

Alluxe (cr. Suzanne Strong)

Now, back to the single, “Work My Body” is the perfect record for the digital instrumentals enthusiasts. This song sparks the intensity of a fire in you. The flame swaying this way and that, and then harshly being blown out in the midst of its ferociousness. At first listen, I was somewhat confused by the track, but it was fascinating to see how after a deeper listen you can actually tell the amount of detail put into this track. It’s a party-starter, but even better, as it also develops a story line of its own. Mirroring verses, embedded novelties, and more, the song is a curiosity in and of itself. Just listen as the Middle Eastern tunes blend and melt into the vocals. The drums bounce of your chest and pull you onto an imaginary dance-floor and you can’t help but move to its rhythm of slow static-waves moving over fast-paced progressions and riffs. The melody is similar to that of a sandstorm in the middle of a blizzard, a flurry of noises surrounding and pouring over you, while you travel down a winding road of harmonies and echoes knotted together. She vividly paints on top of sonic staffs and concocts and element all of her own. It’s amazing how with a single push of a button, she is able to suddenly create a bass-line for an entire composition that will become a stunning record of grandeur! (It also makes a killer workout song!)

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 6.02.15 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 6.02.07 PM

This digital artist is impressive and holds true to her role’s name as a controllerist. She quite literally manipulates sounds, instruments, voices, and airwaves to construct this track into one wholesome mixed & mastered piece. With her music, I am pretty sure she can move mountains. Vibe Magazine has said that “we’ re hearing, immersing and haven fallen prey to the siren sound of this producer” while Earmilk states that Alluxe’s mixes are “the ultimate game-changer[s] effortlessly built for the 6 AM warehouse space.”

What is also perfect about this alluring song is the music video that goes with it. It is a visual of various people dancing, playing instruments, and moving through the darkness, spotlit by neon-lights and given that feeling of nostalgia for the blurry and eccentric nights at the club. Shot completely by a Sony FS-7, the alluring melange of slow-mo and real-time footage captured at higher shutter speeds define the overall aesthetic and schizophrenic nature of the motion picture, which then flawlessly matches the lunacy and mania of the song. It’s a song about desire and movement, and Alluxe exhibits that here.


So now, you’re probably wondering what exactly is a controllerist. Well, it’s one of the most epic and exciting jobs in the world. Escudé gets to be in charge of all of the music programming for a show, so essentially she is editing all of the music that is going and is played during the performance; however, even more thrilling than that, she commands the music LIVE and assures that all of the vocal and noise effects run smoothly as she is creating the beats and production on stage! Isn’t that insane? With such a stellar resume in such a short period of time, there’s no telling where she’s headed next, but what we do know is that it’s only uphill from here as she controls her destiny.

Stay tuned as she will be releasing her second single off of the new EP on September 9th, which is coming up soon! You can also stream the “Work My Body” on SoundCloud HERE! And as always, be sure to check her out on her socials like Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and her Official Site.


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